Candle Tattoo Design, A Symbol Of Light, Faith, And Wisdom – Why to Choose It?

Candle Tattoo Design, A Symbol Of Light, Faith, And Wisdom – Why to Choose It?

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Usually considered as one of the more creative tattoo types, the candle tattoo may just be the perfect choice for a lot of people. They can be designed in a lot of different ways, conveying various ideas and meanings – they are the type of tattoo which gives you the ability to add your own creative twist which best fits your style and personality.

The candle tattoo is usually a symbol of light and, by extension, enlightenment or the answer to a certain problem. This is an object is usually used in a lot of different types of religious rites all over the world.Candle

For example, the ancient Greeks offered candles to the gods of the Underworld, as well as the gods of fertility, exploiting some of the phallic symbolism. Flickering and casting a gentle and glowing light, candles are also often associated with purity and innocence.

In tattoo imagery, as well as in some other art forms, the candle is not typically the main subject of design, but rather a part of a larger theme. In tattoo art, candle tattoos can be worn both by men and women, and they usually hold symbolic value for those that wear it.

As we already mentioned, the candle tattoo does hold some symbolic value for men and women that wear it. But, you should remember that in the end, your tattoo will symbolize what you want it to symbolize. Here, we have some of the meanings which may be applied to your candle tattoo design, despite those which we already mentioned:

  • Religion;
  • Christianity;
  • Faith;
  • Honor;
  • Love;
  • Wisdom;
  • Good;
  • Energy.

The color of your tattoo can determine the meaning too. Each colored candle can represent a variety of different meanings which may be applied to your tattoo design. However, as we already mentioned, it most frequently represents light in your life, which carries honor and wisdom through dark times.

You should remember these things when you choose what type and style of tattoo you may want your candle to be.

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