My name is Simon. I can’t say that I’ve been destined to be a tattoo artist but definitely, I had some talents and interests for drawing and painting since grade school. I was attending all of the local and county art school getterings. After that along came graffiti and that artistic expression of mine got me some problems with the police and the local authorities but I didn’t quit.

Tattoo art was part of my life through magazines, music albums, and music videos because tattooing wasn’t reachable like with the internet today. I’ve done my first tattoo in 1996 (age 18). There’s not much to say except that it was love at first site. I was lucky because the artist was a friend of mine and we set an apprenticeship without any problems. It was a proper apprenticeship. I was cleaning floors, instruments, setting up sterilization, soldering needles and when I was lucky preparing stencils for the customers.

My first tattoo was done after one year of apprenticeship. My tattoo menu was made of simple design that helped me out with my line fork and understanding shading and coloring.

I opened my shop (Pain Ltd. Tattoo) in 2001. Since then, I’ve been working without any pause. It is my legacy. My favorite styles are Japanese, black n grey, old school, geometric,dotwork…In my tattoo work, I love to combine different kinds of styles. I didn’t turn into one style because I’m a person who wants to research and try different kinds.

Along with the tattooing I have done some research on the medical aspects of it. History of the tattooing was my next subject. And that’s the part that I’m still working on mainly because it is a never-ending story with a lot of stuff for research.

I love to travel on conventions. Meeting new people and new styles of work are definitely one of the best parts of that tattoo gettering. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s tattoo — I don’t care if its a lettering, Japanese or mandala dotwork. I will give my 101% to my next client regardless of the choice of his (hers) tattoo.

Be honest with the clients and keep on buzzing!

Welcome to my blog — I am happy to have you as a reader and a friend!