Japanese Tattoo Meanings

Japanese Tattoo Meanings

The Namakubi Tattoo Design: Symbolism And Explanation

Tattoo Meanings
The Namakubi tattoo is a unique and striking design with historical significance, deep meanings, and rich symbolism. “Namakubi” is a Japanese term that translates to “severed head” in ...
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Crime And Punishment In Japan With Tattooed Faces And Arms.

Blog Tattoo History
Tattoos are part of fashion and are something we see every day in the street. Some people have very impressive designs that tempt us to have tattoos too. ...
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History And Meaning Of Japanese Irezumi Tattooing – Part 2

Japanese Tattooing
In the first part of this subject, we were talking about the criminal and underground approach of the subject on Japanese tattooing. We must all agree that Japanese tattoos are ...
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