Norse Symbol

Norse Symbol

What Is Norse Mythology And It’s Meanings In The Tattoo World?

Norse Mythology
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The Scandinavian mythological framework that revolves around the time of the Viking Age (c. 790- c. 1100 CE) is the period that is referred to as Norse mythology. In history, this ...
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Yggdrasil Design As a Big Part Of The Norse Spiritual Cosmos

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Yggdrasil originates from Old Norse Yggdrasill and is the mighty tree whose trunk rises at the geographical center of the Norse spiritual cosmos. The rest of that cosmos, which includes ...
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The Valknut: Old Norse Symbol; Origins And Meaning

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The valknut is a word from Old Norse valr, which means slain warriors and knut, it’s a symbol that consists of three interlocked triangles. It can be found ...
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