6 Marketing Tips And Strategies to Grow Your Tattoo Shop

6 Marketing Tips And Strategies to Grow Your Tattoo Shop

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You have established your tattoo shop and invested your time and resources into it. However, attracting clients is the biggest challenge you face. According to IBIS World, approximately 46% of Americans have at least one tattoo, and the industry is valued at around $3 billion. With such a vast market, you may be wondering how to increase your client base. Tattoo shop marketing strategies can be complex, but we have the best solutions for you.

Marketing Tips And Strategies for Business Grow

#1 Create a Website

To attract more clients for your tattoo shop, it’s crucial to have a website with essential information like business hours, tattoo costs, and photos of your work. Including a testimonial section can boost confidence in your services. Utilize videos to increase your online visibility. With a market worth around $3 billion, capturing a stable client base requires strategic tattoo shop marketing. Learn to appeal to consumer needs and market your business effectively to become the top choice for your customers.

#2 Join Google My Business

Search results for tattoo studios in Brooklyn often include the option to convert your Google My Business (GMB) listing into a booking engine using Reserve with Google (RwG). RwG allows potential clients to book tattoo sessions directly from Google Search, Maps, and the RwG website. By adding a “Book Online” button to your business’s Google listing, clients can easily schedule a session anytime and anywhere. To get listed on RwG, you’ll need to select a tattoo scheduling software that enables bookings through Google.

#3 Be Available on Social Media

This right here is the most coveted, the most in-demand, and the most bustling concept. Why? It’s simple, social media promotion is the game-changer in today’s business realm. It allows you to span a vast outreach with minimal resource consumption. But also remember to protect yourself, use VeePN, and basic precautions. Another tip is to avoid using filters on photos to maintain the true colors of your artwork.Marketing

These two are the most popular social media platforms nowadays. Here are some pointers for you to master tattoo marketing on these platforms:

  • Establish your profile and provide essential information such as location, operating hours, and contact details. Additionally, personalize your page by incorporating your branding and logo. Don’t forget to include your website link in the bio!
  • Upload captivating and visually pleasing images of your tattoo studio, including both the interior and exterior, as well as pictures of satisfied customers getting inked.
  • Reels have become a trend-setting feature that captivates viewers and greatly expands your visibility and reach. Jumping on the right trend can skyrocket your profile.
  • Share client testimonials to enhance your credibility and authority.
  • Consistently post appealing content to attract new clients and keep existing ones engaged.

#4 Traditional Marketing Still Works

Apart from the tattoo sign displayed outside your parlor, which provides a nostalgic appeal to your tattoo shop entrance, you can also engage in community efforts and establish your brand with significant occasions. For example, you have the opportunity to organize a charity event that supports a crucial local cause, demonstrating your genuine concern.

#5 Visit Conventions

Tattoo expos serve as a custom promotional platform for tattoo artists worldwide. And here’s what makes them invaluable:

  • They facilitate networking with other artists who may recommend your distinctive style to potential clients. Word-of-mouth marketing remains a highly effective strategy for promoting your tattoo parlor and more.
  • You can forge connections with new clients and secure appointments on the spot.
  • Pre-booking appointments and offering impromptu flash tattoos are common practices at these events. If time allows, you can even accommodate additional requests from clients in need of flash tattoos.
  • You gain exposure to the latest trends, techniques, and equipment that may otherwise elude you.
  • Tattoo conventions frequently host competitions where you and your studio can showcase your artistic prowess, providing an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills to event attendees.
  • The presence of publishers at such events increases the likelihood of having your work featured in their publications.

#6 Reduce Your No-show Rate

Regardless of its small size, every tattoo design requires time for preparation and deciding the optimal placement. While getting inked is significant for many, some individuals may inadvertently overlook their appointments. Goldie presents an excellent solution for avoiding no-shows. This practical appointment application sends automated text message reminders to your clients.


Enhance the awareness of your tattoo business with a diverse range of marketing strategies. Adopting multiple approaches instead of relying on a single one is crucial. It may take time, but with careful planning, consistency, improvisation, and faith, success is within reach. Let this blog inspire and guide you toward effective marketing practices to nurture your business and facilitate its growth.

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