Bull’s Eye Tattoo: Know The Meaning And Symbolism Behind It

Bull’s Eye Tattoo: Know The Meaning And Symbolism Behind It

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Bull’s Eye

Before you have some plans of getting a bull’s eye tattoo, you have to know the meaning behind it. Bull’s eye tattoo became a popular tattoo design because of its deep meaning, as well as unique characteristics. Bull’s eye itself means the center of an archery target, even though the term is used loosely to a target itself, in the form of concentric circles.Bull’s Eye

A lot of tattoo lovers choose the bull’s eye tattoo as a symbol of gutsy or daring, while other people choose it as concentrated thoughts which often relate to high accuracy, righteousness, as well as perfection. Another meaning of this tattoo is a portrayal of a person that is struggling to reach their aims, as well as ideas in their lives. This also explains the reasons why some people add some slogans to the designs. The bull’s eye tattoo designs can be represented as archery or shooting rage with different styles. The meaning that it carries is relying on personal choice.

The tattoo also comes in different forms, sizes, colors, as well as designs, depending on personal choices and taste.  Both men and women can wear this tattoo, as the designs usually come in a round shape and simple color. The bull’s eye tattoo can be designed in a classic style, which has prominent colors, which are black, red and white. The red color is usually placed at the center of the bull’s eye. Most people choose several colors in order to make the design more unique, as well as attractive.

A bull’s eye tattoo holds a bit of irony since the last thing someone would really want is to be a shooting target. But, to be “on target” is another matter, and in this sense, the symbol can represent a certain goal. Visual punning was also done with this tattoo, since both components of the name, bull, and eye, can be represented with their own symbols.

You should always remember to consider several things before you get this tattoo design. You should choose the perfect bull’s eye design, find the particular and unique colors and the most important thing; you should have this tattoo done by the professional tattoo artists.

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