Got A Tattoo Over A Stretch Mark? Is This Even Possible? Part 1

Got A Tattoo Over A Stretch Mark? Is This Even Possible? Part 1

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Stretch Mark

There are times when it makes sense to place a tattoo over a stretch mark. However, such tattooing is not a straightforward as it sounds. A lot of people choose to get a tattoo over a stretch mark because of several reasons. Often, it is as they want to hide it, or simply because the stretch mark is on the place where the person wanted to get a tattoo, and they still want that, no matter of the stretch marks.

However, there are times when this step is not advisable. Before everything, you need to make some plans carefully. The chances that there will be a successful outcome depend on both the characteristics of the marks, as well as the design of the tattoo. These two need to complete one another.

No matter what your situation is, first of all, you should inform yourself about the risks of getting a tattoo over the stretch mark, and whether it is possible or not in your circumstances.Stretch Mark

Stretch marks are permanent. They may fade over time, or they can also diminish to a certain degree with using some treatment, but they never disappear. Tattoos are also permanent. Because of that, it is probably reasonable to say that a tattoo over a stretch mark will also be permanent. However, as there are certain risks connected with getting the design that may not come out as you wanted, it would be quite reasonable to understand what those risks are before even getting the tattoo.

  • Is tattooing over a stretch mark even possible?

Tattooing over stretch marks does depend on some different factors. While one of those factors are your specific circumstances regarding the stretch marks, you will have to understand that, depending on the overall severity, as well as the size of the stretch marks, you will probably require sufficient blocks of color, as well as depth and texture to sufficiently mask the stretch mark with the ink.

The tattoo artist will also look to work with your stretch marks and not against them. They will use numerous tactics that can be used to blend the marks into the ink to make them invisible, as they disappeared completely.

However, because of the different set of stretch marks from person to person to person, there is a variety of factors which the artist will consider before he comes to the conclusion of how to solve the problem. Some of the factors will be:

  • Are they fully healed? – If the stretch mark is a new one, artists will have hard work with them, and your body will also work hard when repairing the skin as much as possible. Because of this, the best would be to get a tattoo when they had enough time to heal.
  • Are they raised? – Such stretch marks are also harder to work, compared to scars, which are flat to the service. If the stretch marks you have are raised and are also quite new, it may mean that they did not have the chance to settle down still.
  • What color are they? – New stretch marks are often red or purple, and they will be harder to mask with a tattoo. However, waiting to settle down, the artist will have an easier time making a tattoo over them as they will be lighter and have a more natural skin color.
  • How long and wide are they? – The size of stretch marks plays a considerable role when thinking about how successful a tattoo over them will be. If they are wider and longer, there is a greater risk that a tattoo cannot help in masking them. The size that it has will also dictate the size of your tattoo.

You have to examine all of these things, together with your artist, in order to see if a tattoo over your stretch marks is possible.

End of part 1

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