Skyline Tattoos: Mega City Designs On Our Skin

Skyline Tattoos: Mega City Designs On Our Skin

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Nowadays, some of the most iconic pieces that you can find are skyline tattoos. The reason for that is because through the skyline tattoos you can demonstrate the pride for your city and they are immediately recognizable. This is a perfect tattoo for people to reveal to other people their love that they have for the city they grew up in or a city they moved to. If you ask about the reason why the majority of people get an iconic skyline tattoo to represent that city is that they consider the skylines to be very identifiable. If you have a skyline tattoo that doesn’t mean that you come from that city but you chose it because you have some kind of connection with it. This is a great choice for a tattoo for people who live in the surrounding area of a major downtown due to the fact that it shows everyone you are from around that area. For instance, this can be the case with skyline tattoos representing Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, and Seattle. These are probably some of the most recognizable skylines ever.

The subject of the skyline tattoos is beautiful skyscrapers along with quintessential that might sometimes include historic landmarks. These skyscrapers and stunning landmarks that are portrayed in the tattoos represent a location that people with this tattoo want to proudly represent to the world and they are the symbol of the city they grew up in. For instance, the Chrysler Tower and Empire State building in a skyline tattoo are the perfect representations of New York City, and the person wearing this tattoo probably has some roots there or simply loves the city. If you the skyline tattoo include a massive needle piercing the sky from an odd-looking floating you are free to assume that is stands for Seattle.

If you wish to represent your favorite destination or place that is significant to you then this is another reason to choose a skyline tattoo. Getting such a tattoo means that every time you look at it, you will remember how much you love that city wait for the next visit.

Some people even decide to get skyline tattoos of cities they always wished to go to but never been to. No matter what is your reason for choosing a skyline tattoo the most important thing is the skyline to depict iconic skyscrapers or buildings that are immediately recognized as being part of a particular city. A skyline tattoo not only serves to represent where are you from, where you want to go, or where you love to visit but also shows a little perspective onto who are as a person. This tattoo can also serve as a representation of your personality.

When it comes to skyline tattoos, another thing to have in mind is what time of day you want to represent your city in. For instance, you can choose a nighttime setting that includes the splendid lights of the city. This tattoo will probably be darker because of the night view with accents of white and negative space. A nighttime tattoo can also speak for your personality and show that you are more of a night person and you want everyone to know. The night setting is perfect for your skyline tattoo if you just love how a city looks on a photo, picture, or video at night as well. You are also free to choose the skyline of your favorite tattoo in a daytime setting, which will definitely illustrate the charm of the city and also look brighter as a tattoo. This can also prove that you are a morning person and be grateful for the beauty of a sunrise in your favorite city.Skyline

When it comes to the size, there are some people who chose a larger skyline tattoo that can fill an entire back, extremely detailed and done in portrait style. Through this tattoo, every important detail is demonstrated including a street light in front of your favorite landmark. Another tattoo might include just one main building that is considered to be iconic to the city with a few other buildings surrounding it. There are other people who get just an outline of a skyline or a simple representation of a city without much detail that is meaningful to them.

This tattoo is perfect as a first tattoo or in combination with the one you already have no matter in which style is done. When it comes to a skyline tattoo, the most important thing is to include buildings, skyscrapers, or landmarks that are iconic for that city. This will definitely reveal to everyone which city you are representing. You can even bring a photo of the city to the tattoo artist, or leave it to him to draw you a custom design. You should also specify whether you want daytime or a nighttime skyline.

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