Atomic Radiation In Tattoo Art – Meaning Of The Elliptical Orbits

Atomic Radiation In Tattoo Art – Meaning Of The Elliptical Orbits

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The multiple elliptical orbits of the symbol represent electrons that are revolving around a singular central dot, which represents the nucleus. The atomic nucleus is actually the small, dense region that consists of protons and neutrons at the center of the atom, which was discovered in 1911. The term nucleus comes from the Latin word nucleus, a diminutive of nux (“nut”), which means the kernel or the “small nut” that is inside a watery type of fruit, such as the peach.

The nucleus of an atom contains neutrons and protons, which in turn are the manifestation of more elementary particles, called quarks, which are held in association by the strong nuclear force in several stable combinations of hadrons, which are called baryons.

Together, the orbiting electrons, as well as the nucleus depict a scientific conception of one of the smallest parts of the matter, as we already mentioned, the atom. However, the elliptical orbits, despite atomic radiation, are also a symbol of nuclear radiation, nuclear research, nuclear power, as well as nuclear weapons.

First of all, the term radiation itself is defined as the emission or the transportation of energy in the form of waves or maybe particles as well, through space or through some kind of material medium. It is often set in the group as either ionizing or non-ionizing depending on the energy of the radiated particles.

You have for sure heard people talking about radiation both in fiction, as well as in real life. For instance, nuclear radiation can be extremely beneficial, as well as extremely dangerous. It depends on how people see it. X-ray machines, as well as some types of sterilization equipment and nuclear power plants, all of them use nuclear radiation, but the same is true for nuclear weapons as well. Nuclear materials, which are actually substances that emit nuclear radiation, are fairly common and they have found their way into a lot of vocabularies in a lot of different ways.

The curved lines which shadow the main orbits heighten the vibration, as well as the kinetic energy which is implied.

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