Hanger Tattoo Art: Symbolism, Design And Meanings

Hanger Tattoo Art: Symbolism, Design And Meanings

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Every person who has seen a tattoo of a clothes hanger wonders about its meaning. There are many meanings that can be attached to a hanger tattoo, and everything depends on the person wearing this design. People who own a tattoo have a story that goes with that tattoo. For the more significant part, a tattoo of a hanger is very specific. However, just like any tattoo, they all have a special meaning to the individual sporting it.

Some fashionistas choose to get the clothes hanger tattoo to represent their love for clothing. However, other people have different reasons for this. If you decide on getting a clothes hanger tattoo, there is one important thing you should know about it. If you are a pro-life/pro-choice promoter who believes in having the right to have a safe abortion, this tattoo is just the one for you.


The most important thing that is repeated over and over again is that no matter what you choose to get as a tattoo, you are the only one that can decide about its meaning. However, the recent growing popularity of the clothes hanger design has changed the game up a little bit. HangerPeople who are promoters of the pro-life/pro-choice often get clothes hanger tattoos to protest against the systems who try to take away their rights to have abortions. A woman’s body is something that she should be able to decide about. Sadly, many people in the world are trying to take away this right from them.

Due to the laws and people fighting against women’s right to have abortions, women were forced to do horrible and unsanitary things, such as having ‘back-alley abortions’ with clothes hangers. This way of abortion is an awful and horrific event that some women have been forced to go through because of laws against the procedure. This is the reason why a tattoo of a clothes hanger reveals to the world that you are with them in their struggle against needing an abortion that the law says otherwise.


If you are a pro-life/pro-choice promoter and want everyone to know how proud you are for that and your freedom of speech to speak out against such topics, the clothes hanger tattoo is the best choice for you. Even though clothes hanger is pretty basic and typical, there are other ways to intensify creativity and receive an eye-catching design. Below are some examples of the clothes hanger tattoo, along with the different styles and designs some have gotten.

Hang in There

There is no better phrase than ‘hang in there’ to fit perfectly with this design. If you add this phrase to your hanger tattoo, you are not only representing the tool for hanging clothes. You’re also sending an inspiring message to support those pro-life/pro-choice promoters. With this phrase at the bottom half of the clothes hanger, it appears as if the wire of the hanger is spelling the words out themselves. This phrase improves the creativity and uniqueness of the clothes hanger tattoo while at the same time, sending a clear message about what the design stands for.

Those who have the same struggle will receive just a little more strength after they see this tattoo. People who had to suffer the loss of an unborn child can also get this tattoo to symbolize a daily reminder to keep their heads up. This tattoo has a pretty simple design, and that is why you can place it almost anywhere on the body. However, when this design is combined with this phrase, the tattoo should be big enough for others to see the message.

Clothes Hanger Heart

The most popular design of this tattoo is the typical and simple design of the clothes hanger. If you wish to add a bit more uniqueness to it and send an inspiring message that is noticed in all languages, you can choose the design of a heart within the clothes hanger or the clothes hanger wires forming a heart is a great idea. Just like in the case with the phrase inside the clothes hanger wires, the heart can be done in the same fashion. Most often, the heart is etched in on the bottom half of the clothes hanger.

This tattoo designs of a heart and a clothes hanger together that sends a powerful signal of hope and inspiration to those who are also pro-choice/pro-life promoters. Moreover, this is an excellent choice of a tattoo since it can be understood in all languages from all over the world. This design is simple, and that is why it can be done in any size and placed wherever you like it.

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