Pregnancy And Tattoos: Information, Questions And Guidance

Pregnancy And Tattoos: Information, Questions And Guidance

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Can You Get a Tattoo While Pregnant? During pregnancy, women tend to ask a lot of questions. What am I going to feel while pregnant? Can I do some exercises during pregnancy? Do I measure my pregnancy by weeks or months? How much weight I’m allowed to gain during my pregnancy?

It is possible that you booked your tattoo appointment a couple of months ago. However, you can’t influence life and what happens around and with you sometimes. If your tattoo appointment is coming up and you have gotten pregnant in the meantime, you might be wondering if you can get a tattoo while pregnant. We are going to answer this question below in this post. While this question might seem clear to some, this is something many people are worried about, andPregnancy rightfully so.

Though there are some rules out there that are strict for pregnant women, tattooing while pregnant isn’t something that is necessarily addressed. We must say that there are some risks to being tattooed while pregnant. Such risks include the risk of infection, HIV, and Hepatitis B, to name a few. The ingredients in the tattoo inks that your tattoo artist will use are another concern for pregnant women. Even though the risk is small, many professionals will advise you to wait until after having the baby to get your tattoo.

No matter how much you want that tattoo, medical professionals are against getting a tattoo while pregnant. In addition to the potential physical conditions that could come across while getting a tattoo, there are also emotional implications that you should be aware of. Reducing your stress during pregnancy is something of utmost importance. With that being said, doing a tattoo done while pregnant could force your body into unnecessary stress. Moreover, it is also illegal in many states.

Getting a tattoo while pregnant can also influence the immune system by inflicting pain. This is because of sitting in uncomfortable positions for long periods and creating an open wound.

Tattoos, especially fresh ones on the spine and back, can influence your ability to get an epidural. This is the case due to the risk of infection or irritation. You can help ease these risks by speaking with your medical professional and letting them know about any tattoos you want to do or any questions about the procedure.

If you are determined to get your pregnancy tattoo, think about some things before jumping in. Consult with your doctor or tattoo artist and figure out a plan that works for everyone. The most important thing is to be as safe as possible. If your doctor says it is harmless for you to be tattooed (which is doubtful), do your research and find a reputable shop. That might be more challenging than you might think since most tattoo artists avoid working on pregnant women.

If you find an artist who is prepared to do the work, make sure you sit down and discuss the process with them. Discuss the things such as the dyes they’ll be using, how long the session will be, and any other requests you might have. Your artist can give you some relief if you are nervous. This means that it is going to be riskier getting a tattoo while pregnant than if you were going to wait until after.

The hygiene of the shop is another thing that should be a priority for you. This is because the needles that the artist uses are a potential source of harm. The shop that you choose must be clean. Otherwise, you are at risk of getting HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and other infections that are transmuted by blood. Getting a fever is another risk for pregnant women.
Some women are worried about tattoos they already had before the pregnancy. This is something there should be no worries about as long as the tattoo is healed. Some women might also be worried about their tattoos extending to a place like their hip or stomach. Though this concern is acceptable, moisturizing your skin can go a long way in preventive care. Additionally, the human body is capable of amazing things. You’ll be amazed by the way it can bounce back after experiencing trauma.

All in all, most experts agree that getting a tattoo while pregnant is not a great idea. As we said, this is because there are lots of risks that come as a result of being tattooed while pregnant. There is no need for additional stress on your body when you’re already going through a challenging period like pregnancy. It is advisable to wait until after you have the baby, and most professionals would agree with that as well.

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