Protecting Your New Foot Tattoo During The Winter Season

Protecting Your New Foot Tattoo During The Winter Season

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Getting a foot tattoo is easy, but how to protect it during the winter is important. Boot season is in, and there are a lot of nice boots out there. If you have a fresh foot tattoo, you will probably wonder how you will go about navigating the season of boots, which comes with this new ink.

Every tattoo takes some time to heal, and it has to be protected from germs, which could lead to infections. When it comes to foot, as well as ankle tattoos, you will need to take some additional care to protect your new ink, because of the thin, as well as delicate skin on such areas. So, you will need to have easy access to keep on top of aftercare, plus make sure your footwear is not rubbing or putting some pressure on your new tattoo.Winter

But, boots are the go-to footwear of autumn, as well as winter. This is an exception if you live in a climate that benefits from the sunshine the entire year, as in regions different than those your boots will become your second skin at the time of the colder months. However, boots are not only good for keeping you warm, but they give us the ability to walk through muddy sidewalks, trudging through leaves and snow, as well as helping your tootsies stay dry and keep you on-trend.

The owner of the NYC tattoo and body piercing parlor, Studio 28, called TJ Cantrell, explaining wearing boots with new foot tattoos. He said that with ankle or foot placement tattoos, it is quite easy for healing – people should not wear boots. While there is a tattoo on that place and it is in the process of healing, the person should wear a sneaker or something which will give his foot some space to breathe. Before it gets too cold, some open shoes such as sandals or slip-on also work very well. So, if you think about getting a foot tattoo or an ankle one, do that before the weather gets too cold.

Even though it may seem rather sad news that you should steer clear of wearing boots while sporting a fresh tattoo, Cantrell also explained that it is not advisable. Anything which is very tight to the skin can rub on it, as well as cause the tattoo to heal slowly and poorly, and after that, it will need to be retouched.

He also explained that once when the tattoo is going to be healed, typically about two weeks from the time you got it, you can wear boots to the content of your heart. It is really during the period of healing that you have to worry about your footwear. On the brighter side, the process of healing does not last forever, and you only have to wait about a fortnight before you are returned with your boots again.

The boots for the colder months of the year are very popular, and they are also a great look for the season. But, the tattoo is for your entire life, so you should take the time to heal it in the proper way so that you can after that enjoy it, and you will not have to be worried about going through the cost and pain of getting it retouched, stated Cantrell. He also makes a great point that, unlike boots, tattoos are for our entire life and not only for the period of winter or autumn.

While you have a tattoo for healing during the winter period, you can always wear non-boot footwear, but we recommend you to wait until the spring season and get your tattoo then, so it will be much easier to take aftercare of it.

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