Space Or Galaxy Tattoo Design Meanings And History

Space Or Galaxy Tattoo Design Meanings And History

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To this day, outer space remains a mystery to us. When you ask a child about its future, there is a high chance that “astronaut” will be no.1 their list. There are also a lot of grownups whose secret desire is to visit the space. In the case with Space tattoo, in the process of designing the tattoo artists, actually do the impossible become possible.  In the process, they are trying to capture the image of limitless or the infinite on your skin. That is the particular reason why Space and Galaxy tattoos are considered as spiritual, magnificent, vibrant, futuristic, and often trippy.

Meanings behind the space or galaxy tattoo designs:

For different people, space tattoos hold different significance. However, most often, these tattoos stand for three things:

  1. The first one is life and aspirations. This comes from the fact that many people often look at the stars and fantasy about the things they desire in life. This is the particular reason why this tattoo is associated with life and dreams. When they dream about something or want to achieve something in life, people tend to look up the sky.
  2. The second symbolic meaning of a galaxy tattoo is optimism. This definition is closely related to the first one. Still, the only difference is that some people do not assume something to happen but rather have aspirations for a positive life with no problems at all.
  3. Lastly, galaxy tattoo designs can also mean admiration and commitment. These tattoos are very often used for expressing the love you have for someone deeper than the universe. That someone is the one you want to have until the end. Besides the unlimited number of stars in the universe, you picked him or her as your partner for life.

Ideas for space or galaxy tattoo designs:

The fact that galaxies come in numerous shapes and sizes, the tattoo design can be as significant as you want it and can be placed anywhere on the body. Very often, people decide to put their galaxy tattoo on the limbs (sleeve, arms, legs, and thighs, shoulders), and the reason for that is because they want to show off the sophisticated detailing and colors of the tattoo. Other placements of the galaxy tattoos are on the chest and back since it allows a bigger space to work with than the limbs.

Forest Galaxy Designs

You don’t always need an elaborate design for a tattoo since simple designs can look amazing too. This is a pretty small wrist design, but the glorious galaxy colors are what make it stand out from the rest of them. This design represents a village sky view that altogether provides a whole different experience while looking at the night sky. It differs a lot from what the sky is in the cities. That is the reason why this can be a great way to serve a reminder of what the actual night sky looks like.

Saturn on the Ankle

Saturn tattoos on their own are quite popular, and adding the galaxy pattern to it would only enhance the planet’s look.  Since the colors of the galaxy are quite attractive, this tattoo is beautiful. The perfect tattoo placement is above the ankle, but if you wish, you can also try and give it a shot at the nape of the neck.

Keyhole Galaxy Tattoo Designs

The keyhole tattoo designs are a perfect representation of a small flash into another space or time. This design assists as an on-the-spot lure, beckoning its viewers to come closer and take a peek through the keyhole into a world of exploding twinkles and unimaginable color.

Planetary Orbit

This is a type of elegant black and grey tattoo design that symbolizes the revolving paths of each planet as they circle around the sun. In more recent times, we have been seeing a lot of designs decorated with dangling beads, or “jewelry” as it’s seldom referred to as. The elements included are much elaborated, and they supplement an air of elegance and beauty to any piece, and while this design doesn’t undeviatingly try to channel that aspect, it does neglectfully reap the same artistic benefits, especially with the varying thickness of each planetary orbit.Space

Floral Galaxy Skull

With a single glance at this tattoo, it takes a few minutes to acknowledge the complexity of this design and to figure out what precisely is going on. In reality, this is a magnificent work of art.

Rose Galaxy Tattoo

Roses are considered as a symbol of love, and the galaxy could stand for inscrutability. So this could represent a mysterious love. As a romantic design, it could symbolize eternal love seeing that the cosmos could go on forever.

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