Skull And Crossbones Tattoo Design, Ideas And Meanings

Skull And Crossbones Tattoo Design, Ideas And Meanings

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Skulls and crossbones is a symbol used in several tattoo designs, and it is undoubtedly a very popular tattoo design among tattoo lovers. They are also popular under the name of ‘Jolly Roger’ tattoo designs. There are many cultures where this symbol or symbols are linked to death and shortness of life that precedes death. These tattoos are not only adored by men but also by women. The number of meanings attached to the skull and crossbones tattoos is huge. However, the meanings may change in accordance with the skull, which is used to make the tattoo. Going from the fact that it is a universal symbol, it can easily be adapted to mean different things, from political to simply artistic design with aesthetic merit.

Variations and tattoo ideas:

The skull and crossbones are a symbol that has been associated with many negative things for many histories, such as danger, poison, and death. For a very long time, the skull and crossbones have been a symbol of rebels and pirates also. Even though it has some negative connotations in the past, nowadays, it isn’t viewed in that manner. Skull and crossbones tattoos are a popular variation of skull tattoos that allow different ways of designing, some being unique. The skull and crossbones tattoo has also been a symbol of biker groups for several different years. For bikers, these tattoos can easily be connected with their personalities, like being rugged, fearless, and tough as nails.

In most cases, when it comes to bikers, the skull and crossbones tattoo has a high symbolic value. This tattoo was a statement for others to beware of. There is space for experimentations when it comes to this kind of tattoo design for bikers. For instance, they can be combined with numbers and specific symbols that distinguish the biker’s group or affiliation from the many others.

The original and most common skull and crossbones symbol are painted white with a black background. Some are opposite, such as a white background with a black symbol. Very often, skull and crossbones tattoo is inked in solid black ink, especially when the design is portrayed as the logo. Women have begun to take advantage of this distinct symbol and have turned it into a softer tattoo, so to say. In the feminine designs, the skull can be replaced by a heart, and the crossbones is located below the heart. As far as skull and crossbones tattoos go with women, this is a popular variation.

The most popular variation of these tattoos is the flaming skull crossbones tattoo. This is probably the most common design among men. The skull in the design is very detailed, looking very realistic. For example, the skull may be designed with shades or a bandanna. The crossbones can be placed behind the skull, through the skull, or below the skull in such tattoo designs. The flames and fire combined in the tattoo set the tattoo off, giving it a fierce look that is noticeable by others.

One in the row of a softer version of these exiting tattoo designs and surprisingly popular is the Hello Kitty crossbones tattoo. Once again, this is a smoother and more feminine look of a skull tattoo. Another variation is the candy skull and crossbones tattoo.

 The candy skull was created in honor of the celebration know as “Day of the Dead”, which is a Mexican tradition and holiday.

The candy skulls allow creativity in the process, and there a variety of different colors that can be used. This design is another example of the softer side of skull tattoos. With all the different variations, the skull and crossbones tattoo is considered to be very diverse. This is one reason why skull tattoos are very popular, and no one ever regrets getting them.

Skull and crossbones tattoo meanings:

There are a variety of different meanings and symbolism that are associated with skull and crossbones tattoos. Among them are:Crossbones

  • Danger
  • Beware
  • Toughness
  • Death
  • Fearless
  • Eternally
  • Rebellious
  • Vengeance
  • Respect
  • Die Hard

Although men and women get skull and crossbones tattoos for a variety of different reasons, one choice stands above them all. Most often, men and women choose to get a this kind of a  tattoo after they survived a near-death experience. The skull and crossbones tattoo is used to represent this for people who have been involved in a bad car or motorcycle accident, and everyone thought they wouldn’t make it out, but they did. If so, the skull and crossbones tattoo can be there as a reminder you of that experience and how fragile life is. In this sense, this design is highly symbolic.

The skull and crossbones tattoo can also be designed with other tattoo symbols. For instance, some people choose skull and crossbones symbols within Gothic tattoos, perhaps with vampires or demons. These tattoo designs may be portrayed with the grim reaper or other dark symbols. However, as you read above, the skull and crossbones tattoo is not solely associated with evil and mysterious things. Sometimes, all we need is just a little motivation and inspiration to continue with life. Especially for those of you, that know how short life is, your skull and crossbones tattoo can be the permanent marker to remind you to take full advantage of your time.

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