Taurus Tattoo Design From Powerful Beast To Horoscope Sign

Taurus Tattoo Design From Powerful Beast To Horoscope Sign

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In today’s world, tattoos no longer have a negative stigma attached to it and, rather, have much positive connotation.Taurus They take on the garb of an event or a thing and personify it into something more than just ink and skin. They are symbolic and artistic in a way that allows someone to express themselves. A tattoo is, in fact, no longer a thing to be frowned upon, but, instead, is a subject of praise and envy. Taurus tattoo design is one of the most powerful and used horoscope signs that are used in the tattoo culture today.


Taurus, represented by the bull, is an earth horoscope sign. Like their spirit animal, Taureans relish unwinding themselves in a serene, rustic environment, enveloped by faint melodies, calming aromas, and relishing flavors. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus that reins love, beauty, and money. Taurus’s influence makes this earth sign the most appealing of all the zodiacs. These cosmic oxen are entranced by any physical sign of solace and delight. Gratification is a constraint for the epicurean Taureans, and they feel most satisfied when pampered.

But at the same time, despite their splurge, these earth horoscope signs know the utility of funds. Taureans aren’t hesitant to roll up their sleeves and work hard to gain big. They are enthusiastic, focused, and flexible, and they feel a sense of security as they put their money into their savings. A cosmic ox expects a return on investment (the bull is also the representative of Wall Street), and Taureans are well-versed with the long game in both professional and romantic pursuance. Security is of paramount concern for Taureans, and if they sense any intimidation to their stability, be sure to see a celestial bull turning red. On the downside, because of their standards set so high, they also tend to push themselves to go over their limits. Sometimes, their relationship to the tangible world can make them a bit selfish and possessive – with people and things. Their love for anything sensual can make them greedy.


There is a trivial limitation when it comes to variations in the Taurus tattoo designs, but if you can get a hand on a skilled tattoo artist, you can get your tattoo customized and turn it as you like. And even though there is not much range for design customization too, you can rather experiment with color combination and shading.

The placement and the area selection are dependent on one’s pain tolerance levels and personality. If you can bear the pain, you can get the whole bull tattooed on your arm, chest, or back, and if you cannot endure much suffering, go for smaller symbol tattoos on the back of the hand or around the wrist.

According to your nature, if you are an exhibitionist or extrovert, you can get the bull’s head tattooed on your nape, where it is evident. Still, if you are an introvert, you can also decide to get the tattoo inked somewhere hidden. If it is your first time getting inked and you are not sure where to place it, then always get a small-sized tattoo so that you do not regret your choice in the future or even get it removed or replaced without spending a fortune.

Most of the Taurus horoscope tattoos are either entirely black or in a combination of classic black and white, but you can demand your tattoo artist to make the tattoo a little ornamental so that it stands out.


  • The Classic Constellation

Constellations are the best way to showcase your love for your zodiac signs. Keep it simple using black and white ink or add colors to make it more attractive.

§  A Little Playful

This is a somewhat eccentric tattoo design for someone who can roll up their sleeve and dare to carry it. It represents the true playful nature of the sun sign.

§  The Planetary Twist

One can be creative enough to represent their zodiac through a combination of some curves and lines. The result is elegant and beautiful.

§  Venus Symbol

Venus is the planet of Taurus. The hues of pink and purple are perfect to represent this planet.

§  The Female Goddess

This is a compelling tattoo design. It might seem more inclined towards the females, but it will look equally impressive on a male too. All this depends on the way you display it.

§  Simple Back Design

Simplicity is always charming. One does not always have to go overboard with the designs and sometimes try and be simple.

§  Cosmic Bull

This is a great representation of blending cosmic power along with the bull in one single horoscope piece. A tattoo design like this is definitely going to draw some attention.

§  Only the Horns

This simple horn design surrounds the planet Venus which is embedded inside.

Tattoos have definitely matured into more than just a spot of ink on your skin. They’re a means of self-expression and also as a form of art done by the tattoo artist. The art of tattoo making has become more scientific and more precise. It takes a lot more to be a tattoo artist than just being good in drawing skills. It requires a little more than just the artistic ability to be considered a good tattoo artist. Contrary to the old belief, tattoos have now become a piece of art instead of walking monstrosities.

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