Virgo Tattoo Design With Different Meanings And Ideas

Virgo Tattoo Design With Different Meanings And Ideas

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Virgo Tattoo

Virgo is the Zodiac sign of people who are born between 22 August and 23 September. Virgo is known as the sixth sign of the Zodiac, as well as the second-largest constellation. Its symbol is similar to the alphabet m with a loop on the third leg. Although it looks straightforward, it holds a lot of meaning, and that is the reason why even people who are not born under this sun sign get the Virgo tattoo. The Virgo zodiac symbol originates from Greek mythology and is simple yet artistic.

Some people decide to incorporate the Virgo symbol in other tattoos since the symbol retains its meaning even if it is incorporated somewhere else. According to Greek mythology, the Virgo symbol is based upon the Greek goddess of innocence and purity known as Astraea. Because of that, the Virgo symbol represents both innocence and purity.

Virgo Tattoos Meanings

Virgo is an Earth Zodiac sign, and it is thought that this connection is because Astraea was the last Immortal to leave Earth. One of the other Greek mythologies suggests that Virgo constellation is also associated with the goddess of the harvest, and that is why some people who want Virgo zodiac tattoos get crops inked on their bodies. Ceres is the Greek goddess of harvest associated with this sun sign, and the reason was based on the fact that Virgo constellation is only visible during spring and not winter. When it comes to Virgo tattoo choices are very versatile. If you want something minimal and simple, you can get a Virgo constellation tattoo.Virgo Tattoo

If you search for something more symbolic, you can choose the Virgo symbol tattooed on you. If you are related to Greek mythology or Astraea, the goddess of purity and innocence, you can get the Astraea tattooed, and you can even combine it with a child since they are considered innocent and pure. Some tattoo artists also include nude women in the tattoo designs to symbolize purity artistically. If you are related to the harvest goddess Ceres you can always get wheat crop tattooed on your body to signify prosperity.

Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are something deeply personal for each individual, and a great way to express who you are through a tattoo design is to incorporate your star sign into it. Virgos are typically very independent, meticulous and analytical, which means that a Virgo is likely to think long and hard about their decision to get a tattoo and will want to make sure that it’s perfect.

Virgo Symbol on the Wrist

Virgo Symbol on the wrist looks very elegant. The color code that best suits such a tattoo placement is black and grey since dark shades bring out the accessory you wear and go well with any outfit. The structure of the design is kept as simple as the symbol itself, done with a thick black line, or a colored dotted inking.  This tattoo design has an aesthetic and graceful vibe to it.

Symbolic Meaning: 

Virgo symbol on the wrist symbolizes purity and innocence with ease and flexibility. This design gives the symbol more of a bold nature. For example, the wearer might seem innocent, but they know how to take a stand for themselves.

Symbol Along With Butterflies

Maiden (Virgo Symbol) combined with butterflies looks fancy. The structure is diverse; the wearer can choose from thick-lined or thin-lined, dotted ones, or zigzag ones. A multi-color shade looks best on this design. This Virgo design can be placed on the back, neck, hands, forearms, legs, thighs, back of the ear, and fingers.

Symbolic Meaning: 

Since butterflies are beautiful creatures when combined with purity, they symbolize sophistication and struggles that always have a happy ending. The tattoo gives hope to the wearer reminding him/her to keep moving and not giving up.

Flowing Symbol

In this design, the symbol M is made out of water waves, and the color looks like it is flowing back to back through the loop. This Virgo tattoo looks extraordinarily intriguing and unique. Most often, the structure is thin- lined. The placement options are immense, for instance, back of the neck, wrist, shoulders, back, knees, and foot.

Symbolic Meaning: 

Water and Virgo represent birth and fertility.

Virgo Constellation

Virgo constellation is the second-largest and considered as the most beautiful of them all. The constellation tattoo looks gorgeous on certain body positions, such as the side of the neck, forearm, shoulders, and back of the foot. Some people combine constellation with words, which looks great. The stars are replaced with flowers, giving off a refreshing vibe.

Symbolic Meaning: 

The constellation represents purity and elegance, motivating the wearer to be the brightest star, do more than others, and be superior but with gratitude.

Floral Virgo Symbol

Floral Virgo symbol looks very cute. The placement depends on size. For instance, a big floral Virgo symbol tattoo is perfect on the back and shoulders while small floral Virgo symbol tattoo would suit onto the wrist, back of the neck, knees, and foot. The structure depends on the wearer’s choice. A more massive tattoo would look best in thick black lines and vice versa.

Symbolic Meaning:

The floral Virgo symbol tattoo symbolizes beauty, new beginnings, and whole-hearted forgiveness.

Virgo Symbol Paired with the Moon

Virgo paired with the full, or half-moon looks soothing. There are few placement options, as the tattoo takes up a bunch of space, with a substantial impact on the wearer. The structure is simple, yet attractive, such as a thin black line, works perfectly fine. It is usually done in black and grey. However, there are exceptions that color the Virgo symbol.

Symbolic Meaning: 

The tattoo represents new beginnings and hopes for upcoming opportunities. Also, it shows that sometimes the dark times look calming too if you stop and feel the moment for even a single second.

Dotted Virgo Tattoo

Dotted Virgo tattoo looks creative and highly captivating. The structure is pre-set, but the placement can be the wearer’s choice. For example, the wrist, forearm, shoulders, finger, back of the neck, and back of the foot. The color code depends on the wearer’s personality. A chirpy nature person would love a colored tattoo, while a sober, everyday character would like a black or grey tattoo.

Symbolic meaning: 

The dotted structure represents that “good things take time,” and every ounce counts.

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