The Most Unusual Places for Tattoos for Sugar Moms

The Most Unusual Places for Tattoos for Sugar Moms

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Sugar Moms

Sugar moms are known for trying to stand out from others. That is why you can count on them to get tattoos in very unusual places. We’ve come up with a list of the most outlandish areas where hot women get tattoos. That way, you know where to look for ink the next time you find yourself with one of these ladies or chatting with one online.

Finding Inked, sugar moms to Talk To

Nothing is more interesting than coming across a woman with all kinds of beautiful ink on her body and finding out that she is sugar and trying to have fun. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, then you need to think about how to find a tatted mom to start flirting with. Although going to a tattoo convention might seem like a good start to meeting a mommy looking to flirt or something a little more risqué, a better option exists. You can use an online dating service to look for sugar mama of your type and preference.

The internet is filled with tattooed ladies who are up for a chat with a guy like you. You just need to log into a sugar mom’s dating site and start looking for women who mention having tattoos in their profile. Within minutes, you will have a list of various women who are looking to have some fun, have tattoos in all sorts of areas, and are up day and night!Sugar Moms Inked, women abound on dating services.

Upper Thigh

The first place you should consider getting a tattoo as a sugar mom’s girl is an upper thigh. Think about it: if someone sees that tattoo on your upper thigh, there is a good chance that they have something more interesting on their mind. You could flash that tattoo by pulling up your shorts and getting your partner excited. Talk about how you came up with the design and why you like it so much, and you’ll have them wanting to see the whole thing with a lot fewer clothes in the way. Also, you get the benefit of getting a tattoo in one of the least painful places on the body.


Another great option for a hot tattoo location is the collarbone. Since it’s so close to the neck, it will have guys thinking about caressing that part of your body. The area isn’t the biggest, so you have to get a compact tattoo that will fit in the area. However, if you’re not sold on the idea of getting a naughty tattoo in this area of your body, you can also get piercings instead. Clavicle piercings are certainly unusual, but they’re also going to make you stand out from the crowd.Sugar Moms


In the journey across the human body, few places are so interesting as the belly. It can be soft, or it can be toned hard, but it’s hot either way. That’s why getting a nice tattoo on your stomach can be so hot. The belly is a hot place between the upper and lower body that is somewhat neutral, so putting on some hot ink is going to make your belly the gateway to a good time.


The spot directly under the belly but above the nether regions is called many things, but it is called actually called the panniculus. This is not an easy place to get tattooed because of the sensitivity involved. However, if a guy sees a tattoo in this area, he’s going to know that you aren’t shy. That means you can segue into dirty conversations and talk about the history of the tattoo on this part of your body. Again, this is a difficult place to get a tattoo, but it’s also one that will make you stand out from all others.


Neck tattoos are sexy because they involve pain to get, and they are in a sensual area to begin with. The only downside of getting a tattoo here is that it’s very visible, so it can affect your job prospects if you’re not careful about the subject matter you get on your body. Still, the moment someone swoops in for a closer look at this ink, they’re going to smell your perfume and be yours for the taking.

Naughty women like to get tattoos in unusual places so they can be unique and have something to entice their partners with. Not every place is equal when it comes to getting a tattoo, though. Some of them are more painful than others, and some places are naughtier. Either way, if you want to meet a woman who has some ink in hot locations, then your best bet is to make friends on a dating site. People tend to be a lot more open about their ink, and they’re not afraid to show you pictures. You never know when you’re going to get lucky in a chat and maybe something more!

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