What Microblading Is And What To Be Aware Of Before The Procedure?

What Microblading Is And What To Be Aware Of Before The Procedure?

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For a lot of people who have thin eyebrows and are looking for what some consider as semi-permanent fill, microblading might be an excellent option. Here, we will present to you something which you should know about this new trend.

The term ‘microblading’ was around for a few years, and celebrities have recently caught on, including Madonna.Microblading

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that fills in thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller. The traditional tattoo is permanent, but the pigment from microblading it’s going to last not more than three years. This is because of the use of different tools and a smaller amount of pigment.

Some of the facts about microblading include:

  • It involves using a hand-held microblade tool with needles;
  • The process involves breaking into the skin, and infections are possible if untrained people practice under unhygienic conditions;
  • How successful the procedure will depend on the person performing it.

What is microblading and what to be aware of?

An esthetician uses this procedure to apply color pigments, which look like real hairs. The color effect is going to fade over time, so touch-ups may be necessary to maintain the desired look. It is said to offer natural-looking and defined eyebrows.

The initial procedure may take up to a couple of hours, and the eyebrows will appear darker immediately after the initial treatment. Also, there is a possibility that the color fades after a few weeks so that touch-up may be needed.

However, all cosmetic procedures, which include microblading and permanent makeup tattooing, have possible risks associated with them. Therefore, you should be aware of the risks of microblading before you undergo a procedure.

Before undergoing a procedure, you should do some research about the esthetician if he or she is a licensed one, as well as about the salon you are going to.

While allergic reactions to organic pigments are rare, it can occur. Therefore, ask the technician what types of pigment they use and how they confirm allergies. Infections are also possible since microblading breaks the skin, and there is a serious risk for transmission of infectious diseases, including HIV and bacterial skin infections.

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  1. What great content! It’s true that just like that of permanent makeup tattooing, microblading also has some risks which you need to be mindful about. Although, in most cases, microblading is safe to use and provides fantastic results.

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