Which Are The 10 Most Painful Places To Get Tattooed?

Which Are The 10 Most Painful Places To Get Tattooed?

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Getting a tattoo can be quite painful. After all, you have a needle that makes a bunch of tiny punctures in your skin in order to place the tattoo ink inside of you. Although it will be painful no matter the place you put the tattoo pen on you, there will be some places which are worse than others.

Have you ever wondered where are the worst, as well as the most painful places to get tattooed? Have you ever had some tattoo in an unpleasant place? Here, we will present to you the 15 painful places to get tattooed, which are ranked from the least to the most painful.Painful

  1. Chest and upper back.

Although a lot of people believe that they have high pain tolerance in their chest, most of the torso is quite sensitive. People that have a tattoo in this place usually will wince at the pain alone, and when they factor in the longer healing time, it may be a pretty nasty experience. However, the good news is that those that have extra weight will feel less pain in this area.

The upper back is an area that seems to be tough to tattoo and usually has a lot of nerve endings. Just like the chest tattoos, this can also take some more time to heal. As it is hard to keep lotion on such areas, they are also more prone to infections.

  1. Knees and elbows.

The boniness of your body at these particular points means that you are going to feel the needle going straight into your bone. Furthermore, the poor quality of the skin means that you may have to go over each line several times. You should expect to feel it right down to the nerves.

  1. Neck, hands, and feet.

Neck tattoos are quite painful and taking into consideration the number of nerves that are on the neck. It is easy to see why a lot of people might shy away from it. A lot of people that have neck tattoos, even those that have the highest level of pain tolerance, will cry from pain.

We already mentioned that having bony parts of the body means that people end up feeling the sting of the needle a lot more. However, unless they have some very unusual anatomical problems, their hands and feet are some of the bonniest ones in their body. So, they are expected to cry in pain if they get inked there.

  1. Wrists.

Wrists have a surprising amount of nerve endings in them, and they usually happen to be bony. A lot of people that have had wrist tattoos said that the pain gets to be unbearable after just a couple of minutes.

  1. Face.

Face tattoos garner a lot of respect among tough guys for several reasons – the most obvious of them is withstanding the pain of getting them. The skin on the face is often the most sensitive on our body, and it is also thin.

  1. Stomach and inner thigh.

As there are a lot of organs in the gut, it makes sense that it is going to be a very painful experience to get tattooed on your stomach. Furthermore, it is a way more painful area for women, particularly during that time of the month.

The tattoos on inner thighs tend to be extremely painful, especially if you tend to find this place to be a ‘sexual spot.’ The nerves placed in this area tend to go right to the groin, so the area is not exactly easy when it comes to avoiding brushing against while it heals.

  1. Right underneath your ribs and nipples.

A lot of people will often scream in pain when they get tattoed in the area of the ribs, and they have crossed the point where a lot of people are going to be willing to stay put to finish the tattoo.

If you think that ribs are bad, then don’t think of a tattoo on the nipples. They are some of the most sensitive parts of the body, and a lot of people will pass out from pain if they get them done. Wearing shirts can be quite painful, and healing can take a long time.

  1. The inside of the knees and the armpits.

This is one of the several places where a great number of nerve endings all collide. A lot of people that try to get a tattoo inside of the knees to cry a lot, also abort the tattoo or pass out on the chair.

You will also have these same problems and pains with your armpits too. What is worse about these areas is that healing takes a long time, and the chances of infections are quite high. The pain can be brutal on a daily basis.

  1. Genitals.

This should not surprise you, as penis and vagina tattoos are painful. Depending on your equipment, the healing time may take weeks or also months. A lot of people pass out in the chair when they get these tattoos done.

  1. Eyes and eyelids.

Your eyes are the only place that has skin that is more sensitive than your genitalia. A lot of people scream, cry, as well as faint when they have an eyelid tattoo done.

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