Several Tattoo Designs Which Tattoo Artists Refuse To Do

Several Tattoo Designs Which Tattoo Artists Refuse To Do

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Here and today, we are going to give you several different experiences of people or clients that wanted some kind of a tattoo. The thing is that their tattoo artist simply refused to do the design, some because of the design and others because of the place they wanted to put their tattoo on.

The first person explains how he went to see a tattoo artist when he turned 18 had the money for a tattoo and wanted a specific symbol which he liked to be tattooed along the base of his thumb – on the outside of his palm.

However, all the three people that worked there basically said to him, ‘No. You are not getting a tattoo on your hand.’ After that, they showed him how, despite all of them had some giant, and freaking tattoos on their arms, back, legs, none of them was stupid enough to get a tattoo on their hand. So, he decided to get his tattoo on the inside of his wrist instead, and he also said that now when he looks in the past, he is really glad that they stopped him from doing such a stupid thing.

The second person explains how in his living place, there is a local tattoo shop which has a sign in the door which states ‘no f*****g cherubs.’

The third example is from a tattoo artist who explained that he usually tries and does most of the required tattoos, but it is often the younger population that wants something crazy. He told the example with a 17-year-old girl that had her parents sign for her, and she wanted to tattoo the words ‘Five Star B*tch’ going across her lower back. The tattoo artist tried to talk with her in order to adviseSeveral her of not getting that tattoo, asking her if there was some other tattoo design that she was considering, and he also told her that he could not bring himself to put those words on her forever.

However, the worst part of everything was that, as he explained, her parents cussed up a storm and told him how we were just a piece of sh*t for ruining her birthday and how he wasted their time and that they are going to write him a bad review. Frustrated from the whole situation, the tattoo artist told them to all go and f*ck themselves, and they simply left. After several months passed, the daughter came back to his tattoo shop and thanked him for not doing the tattoo for her.

Another person tells her experience while she was waiting in a tattoo shop. At that time, she saw the tattoo artist refusing to consider putting a ring tattoo around the finger of a young teenaged girl. The young girl told him she would complain to his boss, but the tattoo artist told her to go to hell because he would rather quit his job before he does something that she is going to regret for the rest of her life. The young girl walked out in a huff, and the tattoo artist still had a job. The person that watched all this happening says that she has her respect given unreservedly.

Another person told the story about while he was in his third session for his back piece, one person came into the shop and asked his tattoo artist to do him a tribal tattoo. Then, the tattoo artist said that if the person cannot identify with which tribe the tattoo is connected and if he cannot gain permission from the members of that tribe, he would not do that tattoo. So, the guy walked away from the show without saying something. This is what is called cultural sensitivity.

In the end, the last person explains how the brother of his friend ran a tattoo parlor of his house illegally. One day, a man appeared at the tattoo shop and asked for a tattoo of the twin towers on the fire with a Middle Eastern flag flowing between the towers and blood also running down the towers. However, the brother of the friend told the person to f*ck off, but after several days passed, the FBI appeared at his home. However, the FBI didn’t care about the illegal tattoo parlor of this person, but they just asked for a description of the guy that asked for that tattoo design.

So, this is the several different stories of ordinary people and tattoo artists, which explain which tattoos or tattooing places tattoo artists usually tend to refuse to do.

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