Balloon Tattoo Design: Variations And Different Images

Balloon Tattoo Design: Variations And Different Images

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Balloon Tattoo

The image of a balloon symbolizes a lot of different ideas. For many years around the world, there have been a lot of paintings and art illustrations that include balloons. In some instances, both kids and adults enjoy balloons since we all used to love them when we were kids. This is why there is no surprise in the fact that there is a lot of meaning and symbolism behind something that has been around for so many years. Naturally, it is normal for something to present for so long to be a subject of tattoos. The tattoo of a balloon is perfect for many occasions and reasons. Your balloon tattoo could be small enough to fit on a finger or large enough to cover your entire back. It’s A very versatile design with significant potential. It is one of those images that is simple when it comes to details, but it has a great deal of meaning.

Balloon Tattoo Meaning

Even though the meaning of the balloon tattoo depends on the person wearing the tattoo, some meanings are very common when it comes to these designs.

It is a common knowledge that balloons the act of letting go of holding on. In a more general sense, this is associated with emotions and feelings. There is a bed feeling after you lose a balloon. You might get frightened or have an empty or sinking feeling when you lose something you didn’t want to. However, it is s a lousy feeling to get if you hold on to something that wasn’t meant to stay with you and is not well for the psyche and. You will never heal until you let go of these feelings and things you were not meant to be with, so in this case, the longer we hold on to something that isn’t meant for us will only hurt us. The only way we can mature and move on is by letting go of everything holding us back. These can be associated with anything in life, including deaths, relationships, or bad habits.Balloon Tattoo

As human beings, we tend to hold to things that we are not supposed to. The past is part of that. We hold on to bad feelings that came as a result of experiences in the past that have an impact on the future. In many cases, the balloon tattoo being free is a symbol of letting go of the past and preparing for what the future holds. Even though that might be a painful moment, when you let go of it, you will be happier, and a simple balloon tattoo can be the reminder you need to keep looking forward and not turn to the past.

Balloon Tattoo Variations

Hot Air Balloon Tattoo

One very popular and symbolic tattoo is one of the hot air balloons. In the most general sense, this tattoo is a symbol of being uplifted. In the same way, as the hot air balloon rises, you can rise with it. This is a very positive message. This tattoo can also serve as a symbol of adventure. In this sense, the hot air tattoo can symbolize the time when people decide to go somewhere only to see where their journey will take them.

Heart Balloon Tattoo

Just like the shape of the balloon, this design serves as a symbol of love. This design can also be represented in the form of an image of someone letting go of a heart-shaped balloon. In this case, this tattoo is symbolic of losing a loved one or letting go of the emotions attached to a prior relationship.

Banksy Balloon Tattoo

The famous Banksy art that incorporates the little girl letting go of the red balloon has been recognized as a symbol of a few things. It might symbolize the loss of innocence of the little girl in the picture or the loss of innocence of all children in the world. It could also be a representative of the loss of someone’s childhood due to conditions beyond their control. Because Banksy never explained the meaning of this piece of art, the sense of this tattoo depends on the person wearing the tattoo.

These tattoos are only some of the possible designs for you to choose from if you are interested in getting a tattoo of this iconic toy from your childhood. The balloon tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body in the size that the owner chooses for it. As you can see, there are many different kinds of meanings and symbolism that can be attached to these tattoos, but you can always choose something that only you know and have a unique tattoo. Moreover, you are free to be creative in the process of designing one of a kind tattoo that no one else has.

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