Hot Air Balloon Tattoo: The Story About The Design

Hot Air Balloon Tattoo: The Story About The Design

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Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon is designed in such a way so that the envelope is fire resistant, suggesting that it will not catch on fire so quickly. This flame heats the air within the envelope and the air surrounding the flame. Below the flame, there is the wicker basket, also known as the gondola. The gondola is the place where the passengers of the balloon take their trip. When operating this craft, the pilot must know several things about temperatures and how those temperatures affect the surrounding areas. This is essential for one to know if you handle a hot air balloon; after all, it is called a hot air balloon.Hot Air Balloon

Sandbags are very important elements in the flying of an air balloon, but not all of the air balloons have them. The sandbags only serve as an additional burden that can either be within the gondola with the passengers or hang outside the basket. Most often, the sandbags are placed inside the gondola. If the sandbags are hanging on the outside and you drop them from there could not only be dangerous, but also it could make you go a lot higher up than you projected. Most of the balloon pilots keep the sandbags inside since, in this way, they can decide how much sand they pour out of the bag instead of just dropping the entire bag completely. Only a small handful of sand could raise the altitude of the balloon by hundreds of feet. Below are some ideas for hot air balloon tattoo designs, placement, and ideas.

Soaring Through the Clouds

As a tattoo, the hot air concept is not only a remarkable and artistic idea, but it is also very unique and uncommon to see on a person. This comes from the fact that not many people think of hot air balloons daily, so when we see one of those crafts in real life up in the sky, we tend to get thrilled and excited about how captivating they look, floating so high above the ground.

Hot air balloons on their own also have a whole range of different patterns and designs on the envelope as well. Since it is a big canvas of fire-resistant nylon, painting designs and images are easily achievable. The festivals with hot air balloons are a perfect way to get different perspectives of art and fun to see all of the original ideas that have been done.

Just like with any other tattoo, the first thing you should do is to pick out a style for your hot air balloon tattoo. The classic style of the envelope is one of the ‘inverted teardrops.’ This is one that is most related to hot air balloons and is easily identifiable. Once you’ve chosen the style, many people will decide to get an image inside of the envelope, which really brings the balloon to life and even gives it a nice frame for a graphic to be portrayed. You can use anything you want for your hot air balloon tattoo. One very popular is the kaleidoscope effect, where a rainbow of colors is floating through the air on a balloon.

With this tattoo design, you are free to choose a nice background that can include a couple of clouds in the background, which gives the effect of the balloon soaring high in the sky, taking up an astonishing view of the world beneath it. These tattoos are best done on the parts of the body where you have enough room to place everything.

Replacing the Basket

Besides the balloon, the main element of the hot air balloon the envelope. This being said, the basket or the cabin of the hot air balloon does not necessarily have to be included. Instead of the standard gondola wicker basket, many people decide to substitute that basket with something else. Typically, replacing the basket is extremely important to the person or even just something ridiculous that looks like it would be impossible to have lifted in the air by a balloon. For instance, you can get the elephant tied to a string connected to the hot air balloon. This graphic is precise and has a good sense of humor with it. Other symbols, such as the heart, can serve as a substitution. Replacing the basket with an image such as this not only makes the tattoo more unique, but it gives the tattoo much more symbolism and significance.


The hot air tattoo can symbolize different things. There is a strong sense of liberty behind the image of a balloon floating through the air. Through this image, you are also saying that you are in control of your life, as you float along with the wind and go with the flow anyways. You can even get a balloon tattoo that not only captures the magnificence of the invention but also brings in a dark way of looking at it. In this case, you can replace the envelope with a skull. Because the balloon part of the aircraft already has a rounded or skull-like shape, incorporating this into your design can be easily achieved.

If you are captivated by this invention, or you have some good memories made while flying in a hot air balloon, you should think about getting it as a tattoo. You can get creative in the process of designing this kind of tattoo.

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