Bobby Pin Tattoo: Unusual Design With Interesting Symbolism

Bobby Pin Tattoo: Unusual Design With Interesting Symbolism

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Bobby Pin

Bobby pin is a small tool made of plastic or sometimes out of light metals and wood used to keep the hair away from your eyes and face. Its primary use is to fashion one’s hair in a particular style when the hair would not usually stay in place. The bobby pins’ usage is a better and more natural way to achieve the look you want without harass of using hair spray or other hair styling products.Bobby Pin

For people who have long hair, especially women, the bobby pin is a must-have device to carry with you at all times. This is because you can never know when you will need one, and since they are so small and sit so subtly on the head, they tend to fall out quite often. Because they can easily fall out and be lost, they are sold in bundles instead of buying just one every time. Typically these bobby pins are in the same color as the owner’s hair color so that the bobby pin is not as noticeable. However, with the new trends, showing the bobby pin has become really fashionable.

These days, people are not only making it obvious they are wearing bobby pins, but they even take multiple bobby pins at once and style their hair with them in a sort of pattern or design. Another popular use for the bobby pins is to hold and secure hair accessories. Hair decorations such as bandanas, headbands, and even religious accessories and hats used in different communities, are sometimes held on with a bobby pin or two.

There are so many usages of the bobby pins worldwide, starting with clipping your hair back to not get in your eyes and face, to its usage for lock picking of a locking mechanism on a door. The same thing goes for the bobby pin tattoo. If you are interested in getting a bobby pin tattoo, you should know that the symbolism and meaning are all within yourself. Below are some popular bobby pin tattoos, the reasoning for getting a bobby pin tattoo, placement, and different designs.

Marking Your Territory

With the usage of bobby pins, some girls have been doing some marking of territory. You are probably wondering how the bobby pin is capable of doing such a thing. The answer is simple. For instance, a girl has a date with a guy. The brunette girl carries brown bobby pins with her. She is not only wearing them to keep her hair back and in style, but to place one of these bobby pins inside the man’s home she is at. If this girl happens to find a bobby pin inside the home of the guy she is with that is not her own bobby pin, this means that the guy she is seeing has multiple partners or even cheating on her if they are already in a relationship.

Even if it sounds like something unusual or even funny, this technique has been proven to work and has even helped some girls get out of a sticky relationship, they no longer should be in. This is just one example and reason for someone who can get a tattoo of a bobby pin. In this sense, this tattoo is considered a good luck symbol and a sort of secret warning in plain sight not to be tampered with. Due to how simple this design is, it can practically be tattooed anywhere you would like. Most often, it is placed on the side of a finger and the wrist.

Behind Ear

By having a tattoo of a bobby pin behind the ear, you not only have a great place to get this tattoo but, at the same time, your own simple meaning. If you have long hair, this tattoo can be truly unique since you can hide the tattoo all together if needed and/or wanted to. The bobby pin’s original idea is to have it in the same color as the hair to blend with it. For instance, a brown bobby pin would go with brunette hair. The tattoo of the bobby pin behind the ear represents the opposite of this. When the hair is down and not pinned up, the bobby pin is not doing its purpose. Only when the hair is pulled back and pinned up, the tattoo can be seen. If you are one that has an addiction to bobby pins, this design is perfect for you.

X Marks the Spot

If you are thinking about getting a bobby pin tattoo, or already own one, nothing is holding you back from getting another or two. When thinking about getting more than one bobby pins in a tattoo, you should consider getting them in a design such as an X. When two bobby pins are interlocking each other to form an X, they create an image that is both cool image and thought-provoking. This tattoo can be placed anywhere you would like because it is such a simple design. Most often, all of these tattoos are done by using black and grey ink.

If you are a fan of these cool and useful tools or obsessed with styling your hair with them, then you should definitely think about getting a bobby pin tattoo.

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