“Born to Ride” Tattoos Coming From The Biker Community

“Born to Ride” Tattoos Coming From The Biker Community

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It is likely that you know a lot of people with tattoos, as there are millions of them all over the world that are sporting incredible tattoo art. The popularity of tattoos is undeniable in every type of person. Those that get one tattoo usually get the tattoo bug and continue to get inked throughout their whole lifetime. The popularity of the worldwide tattoo culture has spread tattooing from taboo to pop culture.Tattoos

While tattoos are hip, as well as trendy today, this was not the case in the past. In fact, in the past, tattoos were seen as an association with bikers or gangs only. It is true that the majority of bikers, who are those people that live a lifestyle of driving motorcycles for sport, fun, as well as socialization, do have tattoos. There are only a few bikers that do not have such a tattoo. Bikers have tattoos for a purpose. When asked, a lot of people are going to find a lot of these pieces of art on the skin that has symbolism or some personal meaning. Each tattoo is placed on the skin to tell a story.

A biker tattoo design can be a way to mark oneself in a way that states their affiliation with a local biker chapter. A tattoo of a name, a number, and possibly the letters MC would show the specific person belongs to a motorcycle club. Also, the slogan tattoo “Born to Ride” comes from the biker community.

Whether outlaw bikers or casual weekend club members, this looks like the motto which all motorcycle enthusiasts adopt. Similar to the slogan “Live to Ride/Ride to Live” both symbolize the devotion that bikers have to their machines, as well as their time on the road with them. These types of slogan tattoos are almost always accompanied by some symbols which are drawn from the biking experience: an engine, a motorcycle, a club or motorcycle logo, or maybe a scene of the winding and open road.

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