Permanent Makeup: Is Actually Good For Human Health?  

Permanent Makeup: Is Actually Good For Human Health?  

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Permanent Makeup

In today’s fast-paced world, it appears that people will do anything to save some time. Today’s new fashion trend that is extremely popular among women of all ages all around the world is permanent makeup. If you haven’t heard from your stylist, permanent makeup is nothing new. We all know that celebrities always get a head start on new fashions, and this is one of those situations.Permanent Makeup

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Marc Jacobs, and Yvonne Liu get this kind of tattoo to save time, even with their makeup artists. Cosmetic tattoos have become a time-saver, from ink on the eyebrows to eyeliner and lip liner. They are essential to the young woman’s power set. Cosmetic tattoos are your regular tattoos. 

So how does permanent makeup work? 

Another term for permanent makeup is micro-pigmentation, a procedure where pigment is micro-inserted into the skin’s dermis. As people get older, their facial features lose or weaken their color. The most common spots are eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner. Instead of having the tattoo done at a tattoo parlor, the tattoo is done at a cosmetic surgery clinic or medical spa. This is not a strict rule because I’ve seen some outstanding cosmetic works done in tattoo shops.

This is the case because these centers have the necessary experts to ensure your safety (this applies to the tattoo shops) and satisfaction. They are certified if the center has a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Before the procedure starts, you will have a consultation. You would have to describe all of your expectations, ideas and concerns, issues, and insecurities you wish to address with your cosmetic tattoo. The majority of the specialists will sketch their designs on the client’s face before inserting the ink. Specialists can also etch indelible eyebrow outlines so that your crayon has a simple guide to follow and lower the chances of your eyebrows being partly removed accidentally.

The procedure can take from 20 minutes for a simple eyeliner to an hour for brows or an entire lip. The total recovery from this cosmetic procedure takes from three to seven days. However, the lips and eyelids will likely be swollen for the first 24 to 48 hours, as with any tattoo. At first, your tattoo will also appear darker for up to six weeks until that layer comes off. 

The benefits and problems of permanent makeup? 

Like with anything, there is always a disadvantage to this cosmetic procedure. Permanent makeup can save you years without upsetting about reapplying because it won’t come off in the shower or when you’re lying on the beach. People with disabilities or reduced motor skills, such as arthritis, can fully benefit from permanent makeup, especially if they can’t do it themselves.

Do reconstructive surgery on the face or breasts. Permanent makeup can help you restore the skin to a natural look. It will help if the pigment is lost during the procedure or hide permanent scars. 

Women who went through mastectomy and breast reconstruction often tattoo areolas similar in size and color to their original areolas. Though the procedure is simple and easy to perform, there are always downsides. The problems and fears with permanent makeup are almost equal to those of tattooing. Even though the FDA has approved numerous ink colors for cosmetic use, they are not always safe to inject.

Allergies are a solemn problem, and while they are rare, they are challenging to treat since once the ink is under the skin, it is difficult to remove the pigment. There is also the possibility of forming keloids, scars that extend beyond their natural borders, or granulomas, which form nodules around the pigment. Hepatitis and staph infections can indeed be transmitted through needles. This is the reason why cosmetic tattoos are only recommended in licensed centers. 

Most women have their daily routines. They have various styles of makeup for work, casual or formal meetings, and these looks are mostly different. So when women want to get permanent makeup, they don’t understand that it’s permanent, so the black eyeliner you choose will stay black. There has been a growth in techniques to remove tattoos through lasers, dermabrasion, and surgery. However, you should know that removing the pigment is difficult and time-consuming and often leaves scars.  

To tattoo or not to tattoo? 

Before you decide to do permanent makeup, you need to take some time and ask yourself a few questions. Do you have an irritation or allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the ink color? Like with body tattoos, will you remorse or get tired of permanent makeup? You should be aware that tattoos would never be perfect since they sometimes fade or even discolor. The good part is that this procedure is done on the face. This is ok because the ink on the face tends to fade more quickly than on other parts of our bodies. I’m saying ok because even if comes to the laser at the end it’s not gonna be for something too big and dark.

Still, laser removal is not available just for those who regret getting them in the first place. You can use the laser removal for the residual ink that will be left behind after some years. The best way to start is to consider all of these things. Once you’ve worked that out, you can set a meeting with a licensed esthetician or dermatologist to get you started. 

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