Bubble Tattoo Design Symbolizing Freedom And Endurance

Bubble Tattoo Design Symbolizing Freedom And Endurance

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Bubble tattoos look so great on the skin; however, there aren’t many out there. Surprisingly, there are several meanings attached to them. They can serve to reveal your fun-loving side, or they can even symbolize something much more profound.

Popular Tattoo Meanings

Most often, people choose freedom as the meaning of their bubble tattoo. The reason for that is because that’s the first word that comes to our mind when we see a bubble floating freely in the air, which might be why they frequently put smiles on our faces. Without a doubt, there are so many tattoos that you can get to symbolize freedom, but a bubble tattoo is an excellent option for people who want something unique. Of course, you are free to include a bubble or two in a larger freedom piece.

Loyalty is another meaning that can be attached to the bubble tattoo. In this way, the bubble symbolizes the dedication you have for the special people around you and that you never take them for grunted.

Endurance is another cool meaning that can be used for your bubble tattoo. It is so logical and makes sense to use this meaning with this tattoo. If not deliberately popped, a bubble will stay unharmed for a very long time. It has a strong basis and can even endure a bit of prodding and other pressures, which some people can relate to.

Those bubble tattoos that have some kind of image designed in the bubble serve to represent that the image is something that you want to maintain for the rest of your life. The image can include a family portrait, a member, or pet, or it could even some kind of symbol that adds even more personal meaning to the tattoo.

Other Bubble Tattoo Meanings

Watery bubbles often symbolize the love that the owner has for the sea. Most often, this meaning is used with only one bubble. However, the majority of people decide to get several bubbles to make it clear that they are ocean water bubbles. This is a perfect tattoo idea for anyone who enjoys surfing, fishing, or just relaxing at the beach.

Some people like to reveal that they either miss childhood or they still have a bit of their innocence left through getting foamy, bubble-bath bubbles in their designs. The bubbles can be mixed up with a childhood toy or anything else that symbolizes innocence and purity for the owner. However, getting only the bubbles by themselves can work perfectly well.Bubble

Sometimes, the bubbles on their own don’t hold any significance, but their shape does. Even though the bubbles can add in their meanings, but most often, they’re just there to give the shape a unique look. If you already have a design in mind, but you want it to look different, a bubble design might be perfect for you.

If you wish to reveal your close connection with certain people, you can get linked bubbles in your tattoo. This is an excellent idea for a tattoo that you can wrap around your leg or arm and is also perfect as matching tattoos with one or more people. For an even more personal design, you can include writing words inside of the linked bubbles, which will pretty much guarantee you a one of a kind tattoo.

Bubble Tattoo Designs and Placement

There are so many possibilities when designing your bubble tattoo. For instance, you can get one extremely detailed bubble that covers a larger part of your skin, or you might instead choose to get several minor bubbles so you can easily design them to fit almost anywhere on the skin.

Before you decide on the design you are going to get, you should think about the meanings that you want to attach to it, so you know in which direction to go. Certainly, you can use any meanings with any bubble tattoos, but the whole process would be a lot easier if you know what your tattoo is going to symbolize before you create it. No matter which design of bubble tattoo you choose, you should think about how it is going to look on your skin and how large you want it to be before you get it.

Is the Bubble Tattoo Right for You?

With everything being said, it is evident that the bubble tattoo has quite a few meanings, and there are a lot more options when it comes to the look of the design that you prefer. If any of the designs mentioned above looks right for you and you found that one or two meanings that you want to attach to your tattoo because they make sense for you, then you should see a skillful artist that will create an excellent bubble tattoo for you.

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