Cover Your Tattoos Using Makeup With These Seven Steps

Cover Your Tattoos Using Makeup With These Seven Steps

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Every one of us loves tattoos a lot, and we are also crazy for heavily tattooed people. However, we can usually face a situation where the tattoo cover is required, no matter if it is for a job interview or a photoshoot too.

You will probably want to hide the ugly tattoo which you got when you were 16 while you are also thinking about a new one that will cover it up, or you are also an amateur actress, and you have to hide that anchor you tattooed on your shoulder.Cover

Whether the tattoo is a spring break mistake of your past years, or it clashes with your wedding dress, know that a tattoo is forever, but no one has to know. There can be a lot of different reasons why you will have to cover your tattoos temporarily.

There are a lot of professional products for hiding tattoos, and most of them are those types of foundations that makeup artists use. With a few products, you can be a makeup magician saying, “Now you see it? Now you don’t see it! Here is how!”

However, it is not safe to use such products on a daily basis as they are heavy, and they do not let your skin breathe. However, it is perfectly okay to utilize them once in a while. Here, we are going to present to you the seven steps of covering a tattoo with makeup.

  • How to cover tattoos using makeup?

First of all, you will need the following: primer, cream foundation, foundation brush, pink or orange eyeshadow or lipstick, hairspray, stick concealer, and powder.

  • Step number 1:

Before you start everything, remember to shave the area you are going to cover with foundation, as you are about to apply a lot of products, which means having hairs is going to make it obvious. But, if you are a man and you want to cover your leg tattoo, don’t shave it.

After you shave the area, apply the primer to make sure all of your hard work to come stays put. If you have oily skin, this is particularly helpful. Choose a primer that is based on your skin type.

  • Step number 2:

Get your foundation brush, a cream foundation, and apply some of it over the tattoo. However, don’t put too much of it. Then, using an orange eyeshadow or lipstick is going to help you neutralize the initial darkness of the tattoo. Remember that your product has to be matte. Carefully apply an orange product with your brush to just the tattoo, being careful not to stray too far outside of its borders.

  • Step number 3:

Lightly dust a translucent setting powder over the orange eyeshadow in order to lock it into place, as well as eliminate any stickiness. You should spray some hairspray on it too, and wait for it to dry.

  • Step number 4:

Then, you should dab some stick concealer over your eyeshadow or lipstick and spray a little bit of hairspray once again. You can also use flesh-toned eyeliner instead of the stick concealer to carefully trace over the whole tattoo.

Remember to only trace directly onto the tattoo and beyond it. A linear like this one has a drier consistency that stays in place, as well as does not slide around.

  • Step number 5:

For the bulk of the tattoo coverage, a cream foundation, or also concealer is going to knock out the rest of the darkness of the tattoo. You should use a dense, rounded concealer brush, and lightly stipple the foundation or the concealer onto the tattoo, using circular movements in order to blend it out at the edges. Pat around the outside edge with your finger to blend some more. You can also apply some hairspray.

  • Step number 6:

With the use of a powder puff, you should apply a powder that will match your skin tone, or if you have a yellow undertone, a yellow-toned setting powder is also going to work. You should use a pressing motion so that you do not disturb your concealer placement.

  • Step number 7:

The last step in this process of tattoo covering would be a setting spray to truly make sure that your tattoo stays concealed all day or all night. For example, Ben Nye’s Final Seal is utilized in Broadway stage productions so it can stand up to heat, as well as humidity.

So, here you have it. Tattoo removal, which is pain-free, as well as which costs a heck of a lot less too. This is probably the best way to cover your tattoo temporarily. Also, remember that you do not have to spend tons of money on some expensive creams, as well as foundations or powders, because you can cover your tattoo by simply using drugstore makeup products.

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