EST Or Established Tattoo Design With Cool Meanings

EST Or Established Tattoo Design With Cool Meanings

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Est Tattoo

If you want a design that reveals how proud and appreciative you are to be you, the EST tattoo is just the design you need to get. This is a kind of tattoo that people choose to get when they want to keep their tattoos simple but, at the same time, wish for something that truly defines them. As you probably know, Est. is an abbreviation that stands for “established,” often used by companies on their products to show their year of establishment. For instance, a company might put “Est. 1889” if that was the year the company started working.Est Tattoo

When people get an EST tattoo, they have a chance of doing the same thing as those companies, but the year is often the year that they were born. If you see somebody with one of these tattoos, without question, that means that they are proud of whom they are, and they feel like something special happened the day they were born. We can also consider this as a sign of arrogance, but in most cases, the EST tattoo only means that the owner feels like they have something different to offer the world.

For most people, the EST tattoo is considered to be the ultimate self-pride tattoo design. This could be either because they have made a lot of their lives, or they get the tattoo as a reminder that they need to work on accomplishing as much as they can while they’re alive. Most of the tattoo designs out there give a little bit of information about their owners. That is not the case with EST tattoos because we can easily recognize that the owners are confident in their capabilities to do essential things in their lives.

An additional reason why someone might decide to get the EST tattoo is that they want a consent reminder of particular fond memories that happened in a specific year. For instance, if someone graduated in the year 1999, they might get an “Est. 1999” tattoo to let people know that this was the year when a new page in their life began.

Another possible reason why people get EST tattoos is that they want to include them in their matching wedding tattoos. At times, only one of the partners will get the tattoo, and in other cases, both partners decide to get the same EST tattoos. Occasionally they are mixed up with other great wedding tattoos, but they can also work on their own, particularly if you are looking for smaller matching tattoos.

If you wish to get a tattoo that serves as a tribute design to a family member or a friend, you can also get an EST tattoo. For instance, you can get a tattoo that stands for the year your child was born, or you can even include one of your parents’ birth years in the tattoo. In other words, if a specific year is crucial to you in any way and you were interested in getting a tattoo, you might find that the EST tattoo is a perfect choice.

EST tattoos are text tattoo. Getting such a tattoo means that you should know that part of the creative process is choosing the perfect font. The mood of the tattoo will help eliminate those fonts that are not right for your text. The good idea is to find several fonts and check each of those fonts with the text you plan on using. This process can be either fun or frustrating, but in the end, it is worth your time since this is going to be on your skin for the rest of your life.

Besides the fact that most EST tattoos consist of only the text, you can easily modify your design and make it work in combination with a more significant piece. For example, when people are getting a portrait of their family members or loved ones, they could add the EST tattoo above the picture. The only thing you need to be 100% sure about is that the text fits entirely above or below the portrait and that everything blends together.

The reason why the EST tattoos grew in popularity is that they can fit almost anywhere on the body. Most often, people decide to place these tattoos on the forearm because they look as cool as a horizontal tattoo, but they can also be inked on your chest, your back, or even wrapped around your ribs or even any place that you have in mind.

With all being said, it was evident that EST tattoos are simple designs that have a lot of meaning behind them. Even though this tattoo design hasn’t been popular for a long time, however, there’s an excellent chance that it will continue to be among some of the most popular simple tattoos for the next years. If you are glad of who you are or who you’ve become, or you want to tribute someone special to you, you should consider getting an EST tattoo.


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