Helix Tattoo Design: Variations And Different Ideas

Helix Tattoo Design: Variations And Different Ideas

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Helix Style

With the passing of each year, we receive a new trend in the world of tattoos. Some of doing trends, like those from the 90s, didn’t last for long. However, there are some trends that only recently appeared, and that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a while. One of these trends is the one that includes the helix tattoo, which is modest and cute but still a very technically demanding tattoo style.

What is Helix?

According to the definition, the helix is the top part of your ear that curls over a bit. More scientifically, the helix is the main aim of the auricle. Sometimes, a small tubercle is seen where the helix turns down posterior.

Reason to get a Helix tattoo

This tattoo motif has a cool look and a lot of style. This is a kind of tattoo design that is small enough not to be extraordinarily noticeable but looks charming when you do see it. This tattoo motif is one of those tattoos which don’t lose popularity. However, the popularity of this tattoo should not be your only reason to get this tattoo. The most important thing is to be able to determine what trends are going to fade out. Another crucial thing is to know trends alter from trend to just another way to get a good looking tattoo. This tattoo is probably one of those that is going to last since it is minimalistic. It’s a design that can look both ancestral and futuristic, which gives it a timeless quality.

Moreover, the helix tattoo is very subtle. This placement of a tattoo makes it unimposing, subtle, and elegant. At the same time, it is still hard to ignore, and that is a great thing in a tattoo.

It is also very flexible. You can show off your cool tattoo by wearing your hair up, or you can put your hair down to hide it if you have important things to do or you want to keep it for yourself. You can also match outfits with this tattoo as it can give a stylish feel to whatever you are wearing, and there isn’t a person on the planet that can tell you this tattoo is unsuitable.

This is also one of those sexy tattoos because ears are very sensual. Whatever thing that would draw attention to these little areas of the body only helps to increase that idea of sexy. Your relationship status is not crucial. This tattoo will be considered as a very charming tattoo to bring positive attention to a beautiful part of your body.

This kind of tattoo is a perfect choice if you want to cover your old piercing spot. Lots of people get the helix piercing, and as time pass, they want to remove it. This doesn’t mean that everyone wants to cover their helix piercing, but only that this kind of tattoo is a great way to do it for those who want that.

Helix Tattoo Variations

Tribal Helix Tattoo

If you want to show off your Polynesian pride in a subtle way, then the tribal helix tattoo is just the thing you need. This kind of design includes small straight lines or island designs. The tribal helix tattoo helps you get your point across without filling your entire body.

Floral Helix Tattoo

When it comes to the most popular design of a helix tattoo, the floral one is the one. This design includes all types of flowers, from wildflowers to roses. To have small flowers running up the helix of your ear is a very sexy and elegant tattoo that looks great and isn’t detestable. The floral helix tattoo is a truly attractive tattoo. If you are considering a helix tattoo, you should think about this one.

Astrological Helix Tattoo

The astrological helix tattoo is another popular choice. This is because it is such a creative and fun way to tattoo the helix. You can decide to get small planets or little stars, or you can give yourself a look that is outstanding.Helix

Vine Helix Tattoo

There is no better choice for nature lovers then the vine helix tattoo that is a very whimsical looking tattoo. This tattoo design makes us think about Lord of the Rings or elves. Even if you might not get the same vibe at the end, the feeling of appreciating nature is there with this tattoo design.

Expanding Art Helix Tattoo

Expanding art is a tattoo the hits the helix, but at the same time, it’s’s on the inside of the ear. There are lots of mandalas tattooed that are done in this way, and it covers a large portion of the ear. The only thing that you need is a tattoo artist with a steady hand who will make this tattoo stand out.

Three Dots Helix Tattoo

The three dots tattoo design is a kind of tattoo that is genuinely subtle but full of meanings at the same time. In a more general sense, this tattoo symbolizes “My crazy life” or “Mi Vida Loca.”  This is a tattoo that speaks of your style of living. The best moment is that if you want it to, you will hardly be able to see it.

Little Paws Helix Tattoo

The little paws are a charming version of the helix tattoo. It’s been a perfect choice for animal lovers, and it is still a very cool and sexy tattoo with style.

All of the designs mentioned above are only some of the most popular designs of the helix tattoo. Their purpose is to prove to you that these designs are full package tattoo, cool, elegant, and full of meanings. You can always create your tattoo design. But you can be 100% sure that no matter what style you choose, you are never going to regret getting this tattoo. It would be best if you were extremely thoughtful about the fact that this a part of your body that is difficult to tattoo. That’s why you need to be analytical with the particular design for this spot. Please don’t push the details over the limit; keep it simple and think before you ink.

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