Footprints In Tattoos: Strength, Purpose And Celebration Of A Child.

Footprints In Tattoos: Strength, Purpose And Celebration Of A Child.

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Tattoos became more mainstream in the last several years because of the differing qualities in designs and styles. They are the intriguing way of adorning and spoiling our bodies and body parts, in order to make them more alluring, beguiling, and charming. Tattoos are prominent among all ages, but they are especially prominent among young men and women. We usually want to show basic, imaginative, and savvy tattoo designs. Some of them are henna, while others are temporary tattoos, and there are the most common ones – the permanent tattoos. There are also tattoos that have extremely good outlines and aren’t quite identical to the customary tattoos, like, for example, footprints. Such tattoos are quite staggering and astonishing in the configuration.Footprints

There are a lot of unusual and creative tattoo ideas that are, without any doubt, going to fit into one identity and taste. They usually outline something not so usual about everyday community. One such tattoo is the footprint tattoo.

  • Footprints used in tattoo art.

One of the most beloved, as well as popular tattoo designs nowadays, is the footprint tattoo. This tattoo can immortalize our pet, help us remember our loved one that passed away, or demonstrate where we set our feet in the world. Additionally, to these meanings, the design possibilities of this tattoo are limitless.

The footprints may be made entirely personal with the addition of unique things. Such things can be text or phrases, from dates of births, dates of passing, or some religious quotes which have their connection to the wearer. These tattoo designs may also be in their actual size or created as tiny or as large as the wearer wants.

However, before deciding about getting this tattoo design, you should take into consideration the different variations and meanings associated with them.

  • Footprints tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.

In prehistoric times, footprints represented a significant symbol of the presence of other human beings. While it is not widespread as the handprint, the footprint has its symbolism. On the one hand, it is suggestive of travel and also tracking when on the landscape. However, the meaning of “to be under someone’s foot” means to be the subordinate of that person.

Certain cultures in the world possess a ritual washing of feet, while a barefoot can sometimes represent humanity and over sexuality. Unlike the handprint and fingerprint, the footprint symbol is almost always in pairs, right and left, or also in a series of steps. For example, in surfing, “hang ten” is the synonym of putting ten toes over the edge of the board. Two bare feet usually find their use in surfing products, echoing the mode of dress and the surfing position.

The appeal of footprint tattoos is that it permits for a lot of different interpretations and meanings. This depends on the person that gets the tattoo design. A tattoo of a small child’s foot may celebrate the birth of a baby or also memorize the passing of a child.

A foot symbolizes strength and purpose, and a few feet move around the body will represent going on an endless journey. For those people who battled addiction or came out of an abusive relationship, the walking footprints will be the symbol of moving forward. One thing is actually for sure, if you think about having a footprint tattoo drawn from the shape of a real foot, you should not be concerned, as no one else will have the same one.

Getting a footprint tattoo may be an excellent way of demonstrating where you were in a life or pay tribute to a child or other member of your family. With this tattoo design, you can also immortalize your favorite pet or animal. There are endless design possibilities, just like the ways in which you can personalize them, to ensure that the meaning you want will come through.

The variety of different footprint tattoos will permit several different meanings and interpretations. All of them depend upon the person that gets the tattoo. These are some of the most common meanings of the footprint tattoo designs:

  • A celebration of your child;
  • Homage to a pet;
  • Representing your spirit guide or spirit animal;
  • Journey;
  • Strength and purpose;
  • Moving forward;
  • The teachings of Buddha;
  • Christian faith, and so on.

However, you can also create your meaning when you work on the design with your tattoo artist.

Footprint tattoos become increasingly popular among both women and men. However, the inherent uniqueness in this type of tattoo design means that you are never going to have to worry about having an identical tattoo as someone else. One of the most common footprint tattoos is of a baby’s or child’s footprint. However, when talking about footprints, it doesn’t always mean the footprint of an adult or a child. It can cover a spectrum of spirituality, together with animals. That’s why this tattoo design is quite common among people.

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