Hammer Tattoos: Symbolizing Might, Brute Force, Activity And Masculinity.

Hammer Tattoos: Symbolizing Might, Brute Force, Activity And Masculinity.

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We already talked about many unusual tattoos, which, despite that, are unusual often find themselves on many tattoo lovers’ skin. Distinctive tattoo designs are excellent for people who love unusual things in life. In one of our articles from previously, we talked about gas mask tattoo designs, which is quite an unusual one, right? Here, we’re gonna talk about a tool that many people use every day. We’ll talk about the hammer tattoo design, its history, use, and symbolism.

  • The history of the hammer.Hammer

A present-day hammer is a tool that consists of a weighted “head,” which is fixed to a long handle. For example, this can be to drive nails into wood, shape metal, or crushed rock. Hammers find their use in a wide range of driving, breaking, and shaping applications.

The modern hammerhead is of steel that is heat-treated for hardness. The handle is of plastic or wood. The term “hammer” applies to a part of a mechanism that delivers a blow like the hammer of a firearm or piano.

The claw hammer has a special claw-like part of pulling nails out of wood. Some other types of hammer vary in shape, structure, and size, depending on the purpose they have. Hammers used in a lot of trades include sledgehammers, ball-peen hammers, and mallets. Even though most hammers are hand tools, powered hammers like steam hammers or tip hammers usually find their uses in delivering forces beyond the capacity of the human arm. There are more than 40 different types of hammers that have a lot of different kinds of uses.

The use of these hammers goes back to 3.3 million years ago. This is according to the findings from 2012 by Sonia Harmand and Jason Lewis of Stony Brook University. While they excavated a site near Lake Turkana in Kenya, they discovered a very large deposit of various-shaped stones. These stones included those used to strike wood, bone, or some other stones to break them apart and shape them too. The first hammers were without handles.

Later, stones attached to sticks with strips of leather or animal sinew found their uses as hammers with handles. This happened somewhere by 30,000 BCE during the middle of the Paleolithic Stone Age. The addition of a handle gave the user better control abilities, and it decreases the number of accidents. The hammer became the number one tool. It found its use in building, food, as well as protection.

  • Hammer tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.

As we already mentioned, the hammer dated back millions of years and was one of the first tools of humanity. Over the years, it transformed from a very simple tool to a variety of advanced hammers.

The symbolism of the hammer found its uses in many different ways. In the former Soviet Union, the hammer was the symbol of the working class. In the middle ages, it was a well-known symbol for the blacksmiths that used hammers to forge metals. Also, a hammer and pick represent mining.

Ancient people believed more in otherworldly forces, incantations, spells, and more. With the development and progress of humanity, people have not lost faith, although science reduced the number of believers. Tattoos and nowadays have protective effects. One of the strongest protective tattoos is the hammer tattoo, used since ancient times too.

Hammer tattoos are the literal embodiment of an industrious attitude. These righteous displays capture the shrewd mentality of a capable builder. The symbolism of the hammer has undergone important changes. People did tattoos of the hammer in order to show their courage and ability to stand up against any attacks. The image also gets rid of any disease, energize for the resistance of the enemy, and help to make fair decisions.

Suggesting might, brute force, and activity, the hammer finds its uses around symbolism, which centers around power. It was the tool that the Norse god Thor and the Japanese god Daikoku used. First, the symbol of the blacksmith, who turned raw metals into tools, it wasn’t a fair step then to be associated with creation.

Hammers occasionally found their uses on the battlefield as weapons. More recently, it found its uses in pair with the sickle in communist iconography. Here, it found its uses as the tool of the worker and peasant.

Nowadays, the hammer tattoo displays the strengths and uniqueness of nature, as well. It also symbolizes cunning and resourcefulness, persistence and stubbornness, the desire for power, independence, and freedom. With the hammer tattoo, which is more common among men, a lot of masculine expressions are shown. This tattoo design is a divine accompaniment for any statuesque muscularity of men.

Before you decide to get this ink on your skin, search for additional information about its meaning and symbolism. However, if you are a big tattoo lover, you will love this unusual design.

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