King And Queen Tattoo Meanings, Variations And Design Ideas

King And Queen Tattoo Meanings, Variations And Design Ideas

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King And Queen Tattoo

There are many great meanings and symbolism that can be attached to king and queen tattoo designs that could work just fine for most people. But the majority of these designs are for couples or people who want to honor their relationships, marriage or parents and grandparents. These tattoos can be large or small, with a lot of details or very simple.

Crown tattoos

This tattoo design is a perfect choice for people who consider themselves as royalties. Some people decide to get a simple design that includes only the crowns, while others decide to add more details. One very important thing about this design is to decide whether you want one or more crowns in the same design. If your wish is to have more than one crown in the same design, then you need to pick a place on your body that can fit them.

If you want a tattoo design with even more details, you can get an actual king and queen wearing the crowns. This means that the tattoo would be larger than if you were just getting the crowns, but it can look incredible if you work with a respected artist.

Chess pieces tattoos

This is a relatively new stylish way to get king and queen tattoos. With this king and queen tattoo design, you have a lot of cool options to choose from. For instance, you can use your favorite chess pieces, or you can just use the standard style. You also must decide whether you want the full pieces or just the top crown parts. If you decide only to use the tops of the chess pieces, these designs work very well as finger tattoos.

The king and queen of hearts tattoos

The king and queen of hearts is a tattoo with several meanings and is perfect as a matching tattoo for couples since one of its meanings is love. If the couple getting this design also loves playing cards, then that is a reason more to get this tattoo. The king and queen of hearts design can be inked anywhere on the body and can have different sizes.

Calligraphy tattoos

It is possible for people to get a king and queen tattoo with text if they don’t prefer tattoos with images. If you are part of that group of people, then maybe king and queen text tattoo might be the one. You can try using your handwriting to make it personal or unique font. If you decide to get the king and queen image tattoo, you are free to add the text as well.

The White ink tattoos

These tattoo designs are especially great for people who wish to have king and queen wrist tattoos but work in places where tattoos are not allowed. Another reason to get such a tattoo could be the fact that you want to hide your tattoo from others.

Small initials tattoos

This is a type of design that can be combined with all other king and queen tattoos. For instance, you can get king and queen chess pieces and further personalize it by adding each other’s initials on top of them. At first, it may look like a straightforward design, but it’s not since you need to consider which font will work best with your design once you find the perfect font you must decide where to put the tattoo, so it works with the lines of that part of your body.

Finger tattoos

The finger is the perfect choice for a tiny king and queen tattoo. For example, you can get the K and Q on the sides of your fingers, or if you wish for a cuter design, you can get tiny crowns. If you don’t want the tattoo to be visible, then a great finger tattoo location for you is on the inside of your ring or index finger.

Back tattoos

If you wish for a larger design than the back is the ideal place. Some people desire to get detailed crowns, so there is no better place than the back. This design can either be tattooed in the center of the back, or it can be located somewhere closer to the shoulders.King And Queen Tattoo

Arm tattoos

No matter which design of the king and queen tattoo you choose, the arms are always the perfect place for a tattoo. You can decide to get smaller tattoos near your wrist or on your forearm, or if you want to put the large king and queen crown tattoos, you should place them on your shoulders. You can also combine a bunch of these king and queen tattoo ideas into a large sleeve tattoo. The crucial thing for this tattoo is to place them in the same location, so they make sense to people when they see the two images together.

In the end, we can say that it is designed with strong symbolism and great varieties and different placements. That’s why there s a lot of people who can find themselves close to this kind of a tattoo.


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