Quotation Marks Tattoo Popular Ideas And Symbolism

Quotation Marks Tattoo Popular Ideas And Symbolism

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Quotation Marks

Thanks to the fact that punctuation tattoos take only a little space on the skin but hold fundamental meanings for the owner is why there are so many tattoos of this kind nowadays. Even though the quotation marks tattoo are not as popular as some other punctuation marks when it comes to tattoos, the previously said goes for them too.

Before you decide to get a quotation mark tattoo, you need to research all the meanings that can be attached to it and then decide whether this is the right tattoo for you. While researching, you will probably find something interesting that you never knew about the quotation mark. You might discover that this tattoo is even better than you previously thought, or that is not right for you at all. No matter what happens, it is always good to know what your desired design might stand for before you permanently ink it on your skin.

Popular Quotation Marks Tattoo Meanings

The most popular reason why people often decide to get the quotation marks tattoo is that they want to reveal to the world that they have the power to create their own story. This meaning is perfect for any individual who wants to live a life according to his own rules and not a Quotation Marks“normal” one. What is interesting is the fact that this meaning can be very personal for the owner, but also the owner might decide to reveal it to the whole world. This is one of those meanings that cannot be understood from first glance, but once the owner tells it makes sense.

Another excellent reason for people to choose this tattoo is because through it you can represent to the world that you have a lot to say even when you decide not to speak. This is ideal for people who are shy but hold a big personality just underneath the surface. Truth to be told, there are thousands of people who have a lot to say but have a hard time saying it out loud. This means that this meaning of the quotation marks tattoo can work for so many people.

Other Quotation Marks Tattoo Meanings

A meaning that is not so popular when it comes to quotation marks tattoo is “forgetful,” but some people still decide to use it. There are some cases when this is considered as a love tattoo meaning since the owners want to reveal that they often have so much to say to the one they love, but when the time comes, they forget everything they meant to say. However, it can also just mean that the person is forgetful.

There is one common reason why people decide to get the quotation marks tattoo, and that is because they want to proudly reveal that they are writers. They find a passion for finding the right words to say in the process of writing and can use the tattoo as a muse while they’re working. When it comes to a writer’s tattoo, the classic one is that of a pen and ink. However, the quote marks can be a perfect idea if you want to get something that is a bit different and very unique.

Quotation Marks Tattoo Designs and Placements

The punctuation marks tattoos are often placed on a visible place like the arms, and this is also the case with quotation marks tattoo. The reason for that is for the owner to be able to see it all the time. This is especially true when people decide to get this tattoo as an inspiration to get the most out of their lives or for other inspirational reasons. These tattoos are typically very straight forward. Most of the time, they are designed to look in the same way that they do in word processors and typewriters.

The same as with most tattoo designs, the quotation marks tattoo can be inked in every size. Everything depends on the preferences of the person getting the tattoo and whether this is the first tattoo he/she owns. The size is not important when it comes to the meaning of the tattoo, and every definition mentioned above can be used.

Even though the more significant number of quotation mark tattoos are created in a classic typewriter design with black ink, some people will get them differently. You are free to liven up the marks by adding color to them, or you could even put images inside of the marks to provide some more meanings for the tattoo.

After everything being said, if you discover that some of the meanings of the quotation marks tattoo are just the ones you are looking for your tattoo, then this tattoo is the one for you. Before you do make the final decision, you must be aware that there are probably other tattoos with the same or similar meanings, so you should do your research before you are confident that you’ll never regret getting this tattoo.

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