Masquerade Mask Tattoo Design: Meanings And Variations

Masquerade Mask Tattoo Design: Meanings And Variations

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Masquerade Tattoo Designs

People are often interested in getting tattoos that will make others wonder about their meanings. The masquerade mask tattoo is considered to be one of the most mysterious and enigmatic tattoo designs in the tattoo culture today. The source of its mysteriousness comes from the fact that people wear it when they are trying to be someone else or represent something different and usual. These masks are worn at specific kinds of balls, and people attending are required to wear a mask all the time. This is a more strict version of a costume party that involves music and dancing.

Masquerade Mask Tattoo Meaning

There is more behind the masquerade mask tattoo than just the mask. Generally speaking, having a mask tattoo means that you are trying to hide your real personality. It might be something that you want to keep for yourself and rarely reveal to other people. This might be a part of you that only those closest to you know about, and you aren’t ready to show it to the world. However, having this tattoo shows other people that you have something hidden.

Masquerade Mask Tattoo Variations

Bauta Masquerade Mask Tattoo

The Bauta Masquerade mask is recognized as a wider mask with a large chin, no mouth, and a square jaw. These mask designs entirely cover the face and are frequently white or heavily guided. This is a famous Venetian mask that was typically worn at important political meetings where crucial decisions are made, but the person behind it desires to stay unknown. This mask is generally worn by a man and symbolizes a person who is willing to break the rules and get lost in the crowd.

Colombina Masquerade Mask Tattoo

The Colombina masquerade mask tattoo is typically worn by a woman and symbolizes a woman that wishes to let her personality shine through. This woman might be ready to open up to the world, and this tattoo is another demonstration of that. This mask tattoo shows half of a mask that is frequently highly decorated. It is a vivid mask that usually covers part of the forehead, cheeks, and occasionally, the nose.

Medio Della Peste Masquerade Mask Tattoo

The Medio Della masquerade mask tattoo is almost the same as the plague doctor mask. This mask includes a long and narrow mouth with round eyes that often looks very simple. These masks symbolize the kind of person that is interested in strange things and maybe even kinky when talking about wearing one to a ball. At first, it was worn by the plague doctors, but later it was converted to be used in for different purposes.

Volto Masquerade Mask Tattoo

The Volto masquerade mask tattoo is a very simple tattoo of a mask that covers everything on the face except for the nose and mouth. This is one of the most widespread masquerade mask designs and symbolizes a mysterious trait. Those people who own the tattoo of the Volto masquerade mask are trying to hide a part of who they are and don’t want other people to know about them.Masquerade Tattoo Designs

Pantalone Masquerade Mask Tattoo

The Pantalone masquerade mask tattoo is a representation of the mask that has slanted eyes and a long, occasionally curved beak. This mask was designed after an Italian theatre character that hands a smart and witty temperament. This tattoo serves as a representation of the same idea. You might be intelligent and funny and wish to demonstrate this without being apparent. It also stands for humor and friendliness.

Arlecchino Masquerade Mask Tattoo

This is a kind of tattoo that portrays a vivid mask, very much like a clown with domed brows and a small nose. This mask can also include a large headpiece or bells, which can also be part of the tattoo design. In the past, this mask was worn by the jesters of the court who had to be exceptionally witty and intelligent because their lives depended on it. This tattoo represents the idea of the jokester or someone that loves to have fun.

Red Masquerade Mask Tattoo

A tattoo that includes a red masquerade mask serves as a symbol of strength and energy. The person with a red masquerade mask wants to take risks in life. It also stands for attention, authority, sexuality, and supremacy.

Gold Masquerade Mask Tattoo

The gold masquerade mask tattoo is used as a symbol of class, status, enlightenment, and knowledge. This tattoo might also suggest that you have earned your status and have been around. Most of the knowledge you received from the experiences you have been through in your life.

Green Masquerade Mask Tattoo

Because green color is considered as a symbol of being confident and peaceful, this tattoo represents just that. The person who owns a green masquerade mask tattoo holds quiets some power and feeling of class within himself. A brighter green mask might symbolize a more relaxed or sporty personality.

Blue Masquerade Mask Tattoo

When you use the blue color for your mask, this tattoo serves as a symbol of loyalty and trust. The person choosing this color exudes serenity and is also a more creative type of person. It is a bright color that can draw interest, so it is said to help you amaze when you need to.

This is overall a nice and neat design with various meanings and symbolism behind it. Another good thing is that these designs are not connected with any particular tattooing style. These designs can easily look excellent in a traditional, sketchy, or realistic style of tattooing. So if this tattoo design is something that you’ll consider for your next tattoo, choose the symbolism and meanings that are closest to you and your character and rock on.

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