Spartan Tattoo With A Strong Historical Symbolism

Spartan Tattoo With A Strong Historical Symbolism

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Spartan warriors are known as some of the toughest and best fighters ever. This was brought to many ordinary people after the movie “300” came out, which is all about these warriors. But these warriors are not only famous because of this movie. These warriors come from a land called Sparta and are known for their wits and fearlessness. Owners of Spartan tattoos are most likely trying to embody some of those Spartan traits that we’ve heard so much about. Nowadays, tattoos of Spartan warriors are widespread as it will always be deep in a man’s soul to be likened to one of these warriors. This tattoo has many meanings behind it. Most of them are connected with the nature of the warrior. The tattoo designs can be as fierce and bold as the person wearing it would want to be.

Spartan Soldier Thru History

Before we talk about the meaning of a Spartan tattoo, you need a little history lesson into how they raised spartan soldiers, so you have a sense of the kind of men they were. Spartan males began their training at the age of 6. At this time, he would have left his family’s house and go live in a barracks with other boys. During this time, the youngsters were taught the ‘pyrriche,’ which was an essential dance while holding weaponry. This made the boys nimble while carrying their weaponry.

Furthermore, when the boy turned 12, they ramped up the training, and older soldiers stripped them of their clothes, barely fed, and were given the bare minimum of a bed to sleep. The authorities used this method to make the boys have hunger pangs and suffer a bit. In theory, this made them tough and resourceful. They would steal to eat, and if the guards caught them, they would punish them. However, they weren’t penalized because they took, but because they caught them doing it.

Spartan Tattoo Symbolism

Power and Authority

First of all, a Spartan tattoo is a symbol of power since the brave men behind the disguise we know so well were some of the strongest warriors ever to pick up the weapon. The stories about them will stand the test of time. There are times when we need to remind ourselves of the power we have within, and the Spartan tattoo design is sometimes used to be that reminder.


Another characteristic of these warriors is their honor code due to the strict laconic code of honor in the Spartan army. In this code, no Spartan was better than another. Any reckless or rage-filled behavior was not tolerated as it jeopardized the man standing next to you. These men were men of few words known more for their wits and calm determination. In this way, a Spartan tattoo represents honor. It’s a quality that we all strive for and respect. So, it’s understandable to get a Spartan tattoo to express this trait.


Spartan warriors were famous for their bravery, and that was the ultimate virtue for a great warrior. As the story goes, Spartan mothers raised their sons, telling them to return with their shield or return on it. Even the mothers were brave because they told their sons to either win or die trying. Some of the famous stories about these warriors claim that Spartan armies won battles when being wholly outnumbered. They were victorious thanks to their bravery and tactics. A Spartan tattoo can be a testament to the brave men that fought for Sparta.

Spartan Discipline

Discipline was the most crucial trait of a Spartan warrior. A soldier not disciplined enough might risk the life of the soldier standing next to him. The phalanx formation connected the soldiers’ shields, so there were no gaps in the formation, and then the soldier would usually have their spears coming out. The formation was supposed to represent an impenetrable wall. If one of the soldiers was undisciplined, the whole wall could collapse. Consequently, it was probably an essential aspect of the Spartan soldier. Therefore, this tattoo motif represents discipline, as well.

Spartan Tattoo Designs


The Spartan helmet is definitely the most recognizable ever and is a symbol of spirit and toughness. You will usually see a determined warrior behind the Spartan helmet tattoo or just the helmet itself. Partly, because of the movie “300,” that made it popular. Many will get this tattoo on their chest or shoulder, but people can place it anywhere there is enough room for it.


The Spartan shield was considered as an extension of his body. The legend said that wives and mothers told their counterparts that they either come back with their shield or come back on it. Soldiers received the most severe punishment for losing their shield in battle, even more so than any other part of their armor. There was an important reason behind this. The other armor was for their safety, whiles the shield for the common good of the entire group of soldiers. These shields were made out of leather and were covered in bronze, so they were concave, and the soldiers could use them for bashing. The shield tattoo symbolizes unity as far as the Spartans are concerned. If one shield is lost, the whole line is lost.


The spear or Dory was the most popular and main weapon for these Greek warriors. One very popular design includes two crossed spears with a helmet above. The spear symbolizes the person’s willingness to defend themselves, their fellow man, and their families.

Spartan Movie


Another popular tattoo design was that of Leonidas, who was the Spartan leader leading his army against Xerxes in the Battle of Thermopylae. According to the story, Leonidas led an army of 300 against the whole Persian army. The Spartans held the Persians off for seven days before they were flanked and had one of the most famous last stands ever. This is the inspiration for the movie and one of the reasons why so many people are enamored with the Spartan army.

In the end, we can only conclude that there are so many reasons to get a Spartan tattoo. This is because they represent a lot of admirable qualities that most people would love to describe themselves.

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