Profile Photo With Tattoo Design: Variations And Symbolism

Profile Photo With Tattoo Design: Variations And Symbolism

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When it comes to dating of any form and shape, first impressions are everything. Whether it is a blind date, the first-time meet after exchanging numbers at night, or online dating, body shapes, mods et al. add up to a lasting (good) or bad impression. In terms of online dating, profiles determine not only if people will give you a second look, but they can also increase your popularity tenfold. Undoubtedly, if your profile photo contains a tattoo on your dating profile or social networks, then it will increase your interest in you. A famous site reviewer beyondthecharter recommends taking a profile photo with a tattoo, which will increase your popularity. Profile Photo

How do body mods like tattoos affect one’s popularity, and how do they affect dating platforms’ rankings? Let’s examine a few cool tats that may interest you and those who happen to view them on your profile. If you choose an appropriate or enticing and seductive tattoo, there is no telling how quickly you will get matches. The idea is to get your matches checking out the tattoo live instead of ogling your profile photo.

  • Lavender Tattoo 

These cool body mods are placed on several parts of one’s body. Placement is one thing, and meaning, of course, is quite another. The most common body positions, or locations, for a lavender tattoo are the lower leg – above the ankle, on the lower arm, and/or below the shoulder bone. That said, the meaning of this sentimental tattoo needs to be understood before you proceed to adorn yourself with it. Profile Photo

Lavender (flower) tattoos have the following sentimental meanings. They encompass love, devotion to oneself and partner, as well as purity. This purity could be in terms of physical (sexual abstinence) or purity of heart. Incidentally, Lavender flowers are purple, which suggests a royalty theme. It translates to elegance, refinement (being cultured), and of course, luxury. Now luxury may not imply or mean materialism, but all these characteristics suggest someone appreciating and values finer things in life. 

  • Small Tattoo Inscriptions With Meaning 

Photography tells a thousand words, while a word can take over everything, profile photo on a social site included. A one-word tattoo, or something similar to a phrase, can speak volumes to anyone who manages to glance at it. Body inscriptions taken too far are far from satisfactory. An engraving on your body should leave a mark in someone’s mind as well, preferably a decent one. Small inscriptions like the word hope symbolize two things:

When individual fights through serious hurdles to get to where they are, or two, they are spiritually grounded and love to show it. Profile Photo A one-word tattoo can draw people in quicker than you think. For instance, the word adventure right off the bat attracts online members interested in outdoorsy stuff. Fancy, foreign words have to be googled for meanings to surface, but they always create mystery in those who see them. As you can see, one-word inscriptions, specifically with meaning, go a long way in breaking the ice. 

  • Profile Photo With Tattoo Bracelet On Wrist 

A widespread approach to body mods, having an inscription of one’s wrist signifies its own set of ideas, notions, and beliefs. For example, you can decide to have a geometric ornament. It is usually made up of lines, drawn together to form a geometrical shape that looks more like an armband than an inscription. Simply put, a geometric tattoo symbolizes stability, balance, intelligence, and of course, mystery. These are all necessary traits to get you dating ASAP. Profile Photo

Alternatively, baubles can be tattooed onto the shoulder bone area, lower arm, or thigh, with cute small bulbs, similar to holiday design ideas. These are in line with free spirits, love, and human connections. Flowers symbolize plenty. Similar to the lavender flower tats, other flowers are more teasing. Certain ladies tend to place a flower tattoo on their lower back, which is an easy way to say, “I want you.” Common flower tattoos are placed below shoulders, around the back or front, while some choose to place them on their lower arm. Roses are quite popular, symbolizing love and lust (red rose), or new beginnings or purity, for white roses.

Bottom Line

Long as you need to attract new friends or lovers, a tattoo will cut that challenge in half seamlessly with the quickness. Tattoos speak volumes for the one wearing them, so it is crucial to choose something that perpetually represents you. That said, profile photo on a dating site don’t always have to incorporate your face. So take time to upload those teasing, lower-back flower tats, or shoulder bone inscriptions, and watch your inbox flood with matches day- in, day –out.

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