Tattoo Shop Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts in a Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Shop Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts in a Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studio

Tattoo StudioThis is an essential list of do and don’ts in a tattoo studio. Somebody will add something, but I don’t think that anything can (or should) be erased. Here we go:

-Try to have some kind of an idea about your tattoo. Know what you want. Your tattoo artist is not a mind reader, so talk openly and freely.

-Impulse buying is not a good idea when we are talking about the tattoo (take your time).

-Bring any pictures, sketches, or reference material.

Don’t ask your artist for a piece of advice if you are not ready for some compromise.

-Don’t get offended if your artist doesn’t agree with your way of getting things. He (She) is working in your best interest and his business card will be in your body.

-Tip your tattoo artist.

-Don’t go to the tattoo studio if you’ve been drinking or taking some kind of narcotics.

-Don’t ask your artist to draw your idea if you are not serious about getting the tattoo. That’s just going to waste your artist’s time, and that just rude and irresponsible. DO NOT change the drawing altogether one day before tattooing. If you’re having second thoughts is better to cancel than to force your artist to do something quick just a day before “action.”

-Always shower before tattooing.

-If you’re feeling funny or you think you are going to pass out, inform your artist. He (She) is a professional and definitely been in a situation like that before so He (She) knows what to do.

-Tell your artist about any medical issues that you might have (pregnancy, allergies, medication…).

-Don’t force your artist into a conversation. Some artists want to work in silence and entirely concentrated. You need to respect that.

-Don’t bring 10 of your friends with you. They just going to keep your artist deconcentrated. One is more than enough.

-Don’t bring your children into the tattoo studio. The tattooing process could take some hours and nobody want to listen to a baby crying or a couple of 5-year-old kids running around some hazardous materials in the tattoo shop.

-If you’re sick, call in and cancel the appointment. Nobody in the wants to catch your cold.

-Don’t be on your cell phone talking all the time.

-Be patient

-Dress appropriately and comfortable

-Don’t be late. Time is of the essence

-Keep still. I know it’s a painful procedure, but nobody wants moving client while doing a straight line

-Ask for a break if you need any

-Trust your artist

-Don’t haggle about the price!!!

Listen to your artist about the aftercare

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