Betty Boop, A Woman Aware Of Her Sexuality And In Control Of It.

Betty Boop, A Woman Aware Of Her Sexuality And In Control Of It.

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Betty Boop

Betty Boop is the first animated cartoon character to be made with sound, brought to life by Max Fleischer in 1930, with the help of some other animators, with Grim Natwick included in them. Originally, Betty appeared in the Talkartoon and Betty Boop film series, produced by Fleischer Studios, and released by Paramount Pictures. Also, she has been featured in some comic strips, as well as mass merchandising. Her first television appearance was in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes with hoop earrings and enough heart to melt your own.

She was also the first and most popular animated sex symbol. Her genuinely feminine curves led her into the supporting role of being a dancer in a nightclub. Still, they probably branched off, as well as morphed into a cartoon role model, which had enormous appeal for increasingly independent young women growing up in the 1930s.Betty Boop

There were more than one hundred and fifty Betty Boop cartoons produced, the last one being in 1939. Oddly enough, the quintessential coy flapper and the first in a long line of sexy cartoon characters, Betty Boop, actually started life as a dog, modeled on French poodle. But, by the 1930s, she evolved into the innocent skirt-lifting girl, pulling it down only to have it pop up again, whose trademark was “boop-boop-a-doop.”

As an icon of pop culture, as well as considered a collectible, Betty Boop has also made her way into tattoo art, as some other cartoon characters did. Not surprisingly, Betty Boop is popular with men because of her pin-up girl status, but also with women, as a result of her sexy but safe image.

There are different types of tattoos that are dedicated to the sexuality of Betty Boop, which made her the queen of the big screen of the 1930s. She originated from the era of Jazz flappers. Flapper women were the first women to freely display and flaunt their sexuality in a way that was considered extreme in their day but would be viewed as quite normal today.

This tattoo motif can represent a lot of different things, depending on how she is depicted. The key representation of a Betty Boop tattoo would be of a woman aware of her sexuality and who is in control of it. Tattoos also represent a woman who is very feminine but not immoral but can reveal her sexuality as the given occasion calls for based on her choices.

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