Dying Rose Tattoo Design: Meanings And Variations

Dying Rose Tattoo Design: Meanings And Variations

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Dying Rose

People associate love with many objects and feelings. The feeling of love makes us content. It makes our day and life a lot better. People hope and search their entire lives to find that person that makes them feel that way. Sometimes they decide to get a tattoo to show their love for another person and represent that feeling. Among the most popular symbols are cupid, hearts, doves, diamonds, and of course, the rose. The rose tattoo symbolizes the eternal love that will last forever. But what if that is not the story in this situation? During our lifetime, we will fall in love and fall out of love. In the worst case, we might lose a loved one. In that case, we search for symbols to represent that feeling of heartbreak and fading love. The dying rose is one symbol that can describe that.Dying Rose

  • Dying Rose Tattoo Meaning

We all associate the rose with romance and love. However, roses are also associated with confidentiality or secrets. There is one ancient term, “sub rosa,” which means under the rose. The Romans often hang a rose from the ceiling and have confidential conversations. Anything said under that rose was very confidential and intimate.

Four tarot cards include the rose as well. These cards are the Strength card, the Magician, the Fool, and the Death card. On Strength care, the rose is a symbol of balance. On the Magician card, the rose is a symbol of wisdom. On the Fool card, the white rose stands for purity.

We also associate the colors of the rose with specific symbolism. For instance, red roses symbolize love, while a white rose symbolizes purity and innocence. The yellow roses stand for friendship while the pink roses stand for grace, respect, appreciation, and delight. Finally, an orange rose is a symbol of passion and enthusiasm.

Roses are very significant flowers, an inspiration for one of the greatest writers of William Shakespeare. There is one quote from the famous Romeo and Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This is a symbol of the love that Romeo and Juliet have for each other.

All of this leads to the symbolism behind the design. Things you overcome in life will determine the specific colors or numbers of roses in your dying rose tattoo. This is because the color and number of roses tell a story. Most people will connect the rose with only love, but it isn’t always the case. Almost always, people get this tattoo to symbolize a fading love or the loss of a loved one.

  • Dying Rose Tattoo Variations

At first sight, this is a simple tattoo. A rose that is dying is an image well known. But in the hands of tattoo enthusiasts’ creative minds, we have seen some different tattoo designs. Below are some of the most dying rose tattoos.

  • Dying Red Rose Tattoo

The dying red rose tattoo symbolizes a dying love or love that lost its strength. The falling petals symbolize the fading health of a relationship. People with a broken heart might get this tattoo to stand for their pain.

  • Dying Pink Rose Tattoo

The pink dying rose tattoo symbolizes a loss of joy. Although this is a sad idea, some people have gone through tough times. To get a dying pink rose tattoo might be a way to start the recovery.

  • Dying White Rose Tattoo

The white dying rose tattoo represents a loss of purity or innocence. People can change forever after experiencing a trauma in life. Many people face issues that are not suitable for their age. For instance, some people grew up in foster care. If they get the dying white rose tattoo, they represent the experienced feelings that most kids shouldn’t have to. To face your trauma is a way to overcome it, and a reminder like a tattoo is a great start.

  • Dying Yellow Rose Tattoo

The dying yellow rose tattoo is a symbol of losing a friend or having a friendship end. Many people have lost friends through life or tragedy in our lives. This tattoo is a way to show the world how you are feeling.

Just like the tattoo of a rose, this tattoo motif is full of symbolism. If you want to symbolize a sadder period in your life, then this is a tattoo design for you. As you can see, the dying rose can have different colors, and each color has its meaning. Besides the fact that this tattoo represents some unpleasing periods in life, the graphic is still great. Before making the decision, know that this tattoo can also serve as a reminder of those times being behind you. These times are a significant part of our lives, and they are responsible for who we are today.

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