Grapevine Tattoo: Fertility, Abundance, Rebirth And Freedom

Grapevine Tattoo: Fertility, Abundance, Rebirth And Freedom

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We all know that tattoos are a permanent kind of body art. We make tattoos by puncturing the skin with needles and injecting ink, dyes, and pigments into the skin’s deep layer. People use tattoos for different purposes. Some of them use tattoos as a form of expressing themselves, while others use them to adorn their bodies. Tattoo artists around the world are constantly searching for new tattoo designs and ideas which they can use in body art forms. They take into consideration the aesthetic appeal, as well as the symbolic value of something. Then, they transform it into a beautiful tattoo design, with great significance and symbolism.

There are many different types of tattoos, and some of them are even culturally divided. But, there are some tattoos that are present among every culture or tradition. Many people use such kind of tattoos because of their universal symbolism.Tattoo

However, when you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you have to understand that tattoos are permanent. With that, you should also remember that their meaning and symbolism will also be permanent. Tattoo removal can be hard, expensive, or it may not entirely remove the tattoo.

That’s why you have to research more about a tattoo you would like to have and avoid any misunderstandings.

There are many tattoo designs from which you can choose, and one of them is the grapevine tattoo design.

Just like many other things, the grapevine has a rich history of symbolism. Understanding this symbolism is going to help you understand its significance and its use in different aspects.

The symbolism which involves the grapevine, actually dates back thousands of years, from the time of the ancient Greeks. In Greek mythology, there was one god of a vintage, named Dionysus. In images and paintings, he constantly carried around a grapevine or bunches of grapes. Many banquets and festivals had wine toasts to him as a tradition. Greek wine cups often had decorations with grapes and wine as a tribute to Dionysus.

  • Grapevine tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.

Entwined in a wreath, all manner of plants represent a victory over death, particularly the grapevine. This fruit-laden grapevine is the symbol of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. The cultivation of grapes for wine is as old as civilization.

However, it is not very common to spot grapevine tattoos. Hardly do we see tattoo enthusiasts coming up with some innovation in grapevines. These tattoos are rare, but they are classic as well. Grapevines are usually present in references to art, history, literature, or myths across many cultures in the world. They are the symbol of femininity and fertility.

Grapevine tattoo ideas are quite popular among women and for a good reason. The grape tattoo is the symbol of plenty, abundance, rebirth, and freedom. Abundant with leaves and grapes, the grapevines grow prolifically. In art, we have probably sometimes come across images of abundance. Grapes, as well as other food items, are quite common elements in such images.

Grapevines always have their associations with the bounty of life and are the sign of plenty. Grapevine tattoos offer a considerable degree of freedom to both the tattoo enthusiasts and the artists who ink the design. Grapevine body artworks on virtually any part of the body you care to wear it. Also, the grapevine can be present in tattoo art with or without grapes, in color, or blackwork. In that way, it sometimes suggests wine, but more generally, it symbolizes life.

The most powerful symbolism which grapevines enjoy in tattoos is being the sign of rebirth and new beginnings.

  • Color opportunities and grapevine tattoo designs.

People originally conceive a grapevine design as a strictly purple and green venture. However, remember that you can think about other varieties of grapevine tattoos, as there are plenty of them.

From light green to shades of red to the deepest blue-purple, grapes have a range of different colors. There are even many opportunities for shading in the leaves and vines. A truly talented artist will create a masterpiece that comes to life on your skin.

By themselves, the grapevine tattoos are beautiful, but they could still use a bit of added interest. The purpose of this is to keep the design from becoming boring and monotonous. Fortunately, vine work is compatible with some tattoo genres.

Besides the beautiful nature of grapevines, the tattoo lovers may find freedom and joy in designing their grapevine tattoos. You can wear a grapevine tattoo on your body almost anywhere you feel like, and it is going to look beautiful.

Moreover, there are many places to gather inspiration for your tattoo design. Consider the tattoos and designs which you will like the most, and which will have great significance for you too. You can research better, and find different combinations, creating original artwork for your body ink.

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