Heart Symbol Tattoo: Love, Passion, Life, Luck And Friendship

Heart Symbol Tattoo: Love, Passion, Life, Luck And Friendship

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In one of our previous articles, we talked about the anatomical heart and its uses in tattoo art. Here, we will talk more about the heart symbol. This symbol, in one form or another, is probably the most used in all of the tattoo imagery.

The heart was always the symbol of feelings of passion and love, and that’s why it is a top choice in tattoo art. It is the favorite one among tattoo lovers since the early days of its appearance as a symbol.Heart

This design represents the soul and mind since times immemorial, which also made it a significant element of human existence. It is even the mirror of a person’s feelings. There are a number of tattoos that stand for feelings of love and friendship. This symbolism is what made them quite special among tattoo lovers. The beauty of this art, together with its profound symbolism, is the real reason for the popularity of this design.

  • The importance.

Hearts are definitely among the most frequently used images for tattoos. They are quite a popular body art which can be present on the body of every person. In case you aren’t familiar with, this incredibly gorgeous body adornment is among the oldest and widely used tattoos worldwide.

One quite obvious reason for this is that the heart is a vital organ in human bodies. Without this important organ, people would not be alive. Despite that, people cannot feel the love that they have towards their partners in life and to their family. In other words, the heart is the main reason why people sometimes feel something like love.

This also explains why there are a lot of people who love tattoos and who opt for this particular design.

Some people opt for anatomical heart tattoos, but more tattoo lovers opt for the heart symbol tattoos. They symbolize love, adoration, and love, but a tattoo is personal. They can also mean different things for different people. Drawing style, accompaniments, and shape may also alert the meaning of the heart symbol tattoo.

  • Heart symbol tattoo meanings.

Heart symbol tattoos represent a multitude of things. When it comes to religion, for example, these tattoos usually represent the Christian symbol of a sacred heart. Sacred heart means a commitment to the divine heart of Christ. Thus, it represents, as well as recalls the love of Christ for his people.

Sure, there are a lot of other things which the heart symbol can represent, despite the ones above. It is your responsibility to know this tattoo’s symbolism before you make it a permanent part of yourself. Moreover, by knowing the meanings and symbolism, you will be sure if the tattoo is perfect for your physical appearance or not. Also, you will be aware of the purpose of having it on your body.

These are some of the meanings and symbolism you should know:

  • Love – one of the things which this tattoo design represents is love. This does not need any further explanation for sure. Every human being in the world feels and experiences love. That’s why a lot of people prefer the heart symbol tattoo.
  • Spiritual abode – many people in the world believe that this tattoo design symbolizes spiritual abode. They are particularly Muslims out there who follow the religion of Islam. Islam taught them that the spiritual side of a certain person is residing in his or her heart.
  • Life – the heart symbol tattoo also means life. A lot of tattoo lovers prefer this tattoo as they want to show the world how much they appreciate their lives. The obvious explanation of why these tattoos symbolize life is that people can’t live without hearts. When the heart finally stops beating, people are going to die.
  • Emotional or spiritual intelligence – many people in the world believe that this tattoo symbolizes emotional and spiritual intelligence. Engraving this tattoo on your body will be great if you want to show your high intelligence levels.
  • Luck – this is another thing on the list that the heart symbol tattoo can symbolize. In case you want to have very good luck while you exist, then you can become one of those people who wear this tattoo.
  • Friendship – if you think that this symbol only represents the love between lovers, then you are wrong. These tattoos can also symbolize the love between friends, which means friendship. So, choose this tattoo design if you have a friend that you value.

Despite these, the heart symbol tattoos can also mean hope, faith, trust, acceptance, compassion, vitality, courage, emotion, wholeness, and honor.

These tattoo designs may also come in a variety of forms. Each of those forms can have its authentic meaning too. Whether you want to celebrate your love in a relationship, or you need a reminder of what your passions are, this tattoo symbol will be an excellent design for that purpose.

However, before you decide to have this tattoo permanently engraved on your skin, take a look at its numerous meanings.

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