Five Tattoo Designs With The Heart Symbol And Their Meanings

Five Tattoo Designs With The Heart Symbol And Their Meanings

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Heart Symbol

In one form or another, the heart symbol is probably the most commonly used one in tattoo art. The most obvious meaning of the heart is affection and love. But, there are many variations on this particular theme. Frequently, the heart is common in combination with some other types of symbols. Some of those symbols are specific, such as the sacred heart or the pierced heart.

Many times, the heart can be in combination with a banner across it, or underneath it. It spells out the meaning of the heart of the bearer. That name is usually of a beloved person. Sometimes, hearts are in a form just like someone cut them down the middle. This represents a broken heart, or it can also represent two people who “share” one heart. Half of the tattoo will be on one person, and the other half on the other.Heart Symbol

Below, we are going to talk about five different tattoos with the heart symbol combined with other symbols and objects. Those tattoos are heart with a cross, heart with a dagger, heart with flames, and heart with mom.

The five tattoo designs in which the heart symbol is in combination with other symbols and objects:

The heart with a cross tattoo is a fundamentally Christian symbol. However, it is also the variant of the simple heart symbol tattoo. Quite frequent in tattoos, the cross, and the heart are in 3-D style, with the cross sitting atop the heart.

The cross is the symbol of Christ, and in this content is symbolizes the love for Christ. It is also reminiscent of the sacrificial nature of his death, as the two images together are related to the act of Christ’s sacrifice. It symbolizes the love it requires, and the love that sacrifice engendered.

As we already mentioned, the heart symbol can mean many things – love being the most obvious one. That love can be for God or someone else in our lives. And, when it is in pair with cross and anchor, they represent a charity, hope, and faith.

The heart with a dagger is a recurrent image in tattoo art, uniting two favorite symbols for the skin. Even though voodoo practitioners for tattoos never do it, the heart with dagger tattoo is the symbol of Erzulie Dantor. It represents the dark aspect of Dantor, a spirit of cruel vengeance and jealousy.

In only the opposite sense, the heart with a dagger is the variation of the sacred heart tattoo. The Christians were the ones that took this tattoo variation. More often than not, in tattoo imagery, the meaning of this tattoo is more literal. The heart is the center of emotions, and pierced with a dagger means that the love is in pain, wounded and damaged.

The heart with flames is a “heart on fire” for some tattoo lovers and artists. Even though the flames are used for several different meanings, in combination with a lot of different symbols, they symbolize energy and passion when they are in combination with the heart symbol.

The idea in this tattoo is that the physical heart of Christ is the symbol of his love for humanity. The heart also represents the central wisdom opposite of the head wisdom.

  • Heart with mom.

This tattoo design is ever-present in Western culture. It is present to a point at which it became the synonym with “the typical heart symbol tattoo.” It is a type of tattoo where a flowing banner is placed across the front of a heart. On the banner, there is a personal name such as “Mom” or “Dad” written on it.

Sometimes, this tattoo symbolizes memorial or a pledge of unending love. The heart with mom tattoo is commonly in old-time tattoo style, with the use of primary color schemes. There may also be present a little three-dimensional shading. However, there is always a white banner that folds behind itself with some scripted letters.

The heart with wings tattoo has many meanings. However, the central theme is always that of love. Heart with wings tattoos with the wings open can represent love for your partner. It can even be the symbol of your love towards a person that has passed on and has become an angel. If you consider this tattoo, you should let your mind wander. There are a lot of other symbols which you can add to this tattoo, in order to make it personal.

According to ancient Egyptians, the heart is the seat of the soul, governing all though, emotion, and intention. Nowadays, this idea is still quite alive in heart symbolism. The simplified shape of the heart represents everything from romantic love and passion to pain and sorrow. Generally said, heart tattoos are excellent for every tattoo lover, as they are the symbol of love.

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