Jiggs, From The Cartoon “Bringing Up Father,” In Tattoo Designs

Jiggs, From The Cartoon “Bringing Up Father,” In Tattoo Designs

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These days, tattoos have become one of the most essential fashion statements. They don’t just give a person an authentic look, but they also help them stand out amongst the ordinary crowd. Speaking of tattoos, some of possibly the best designs which emerged in recent times are those who find their basis on cartoons. If you always wanted a tattoo that will have some fun-loving cartoon characters and artistic inspiration, then keep reading.Cartoon

  • Are cartoon tattoos popular nowadays?

Cartoon tattoos were popular for quite some time. They never seem to go out of style. Some people cannot help but feel young at heart. That’s why they decide to put their favorite cartoon character on their bodies.

There are more tattoos of cartoon characters on the bodies of people than anything else. Even famous people have cartoon tattoo designs on their bodies. A lot of people get quite crazy tattoos over spring break, and they often resemble some Disney characters. These days, Disney tattoos are the most popular ones among the cartoon-inspired tattoo designs.

Regardless of your age, getting a cartoon tattoo is simply a fun way of expressing your youthfulness. Cartoons are all about feeling good. They will take you back to times when your biggest worry was what type of cereal you should eat. They often promote some good feelings in children. However, they are full of various educational and moral lessons.

Cartoon tattoos may also be an excellent way of remembering particular childhood memories. You can also use them to have a little nostalgia in your life if you love tattoos that make you fond of childhood memories, and which are adorable than cartoon tattoos will be the best.

One such cartoon is Maggie and Jiggs, or also called Bringing up Father. The representation of Jiggs in tattoos is quite common among tattoo lovers. This is mainly those who feel a close relationship with the character of Jiggs.

  • “Maggie and Jiggs” or “Bringing up Father” and Jiggs’ character.

“Bringing up Father” was an American comic string which the cartoonist George McManus created. Distributed by King Features Syndicate, it ran for 87 years. It started on the 12th of January, 1913, and ended on the 28th of May, 2000.

We also know this strip as “Maggie and Jiggs,” called after its two main characters. According to McManus, he introduced the same characters in some other strips early as November 1911.

The humor centers on one immigrant Irishman, named Jiggs. He is also the former hod-carrier. He came into wealth in the U.S. as he won a million dollars in sweepstakes. Now nouveau-riche, he is still longing to revert to his former working-class habits, as well as lifestyle.

Usually, his social-climbing, formidable wife Maggie thwarted his constant attempts to sneak out with his old gang of boisterous. Also, he always tried to eat corned beef and cabbage, and hang out at the local tavern. He also has a lovely young daughter, named Nora, and a lazy son named Ethelbert.

  • Jiggs tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.

Cartoon characters are extremely popular in tattoo art. They include everything from the “Tasmanian Devil” to the “Cat in the Hat.” However, cartoon characters in tattoo designs are not new. While some of them have incredible staying power, such as Betty Boop, others are slowly fading away.

Jiggs is one such example. The cartoon, which debuted in 1913, “Bringing up Father” or (Maggie and Jiggs), is about a rags-to-riches pair of Irish immigrants. These people never really escaped their lowly upbringing, despite their windfall wealth.

The nearly bald Jiggs, with his short cigar, small mustache, and “Orphan Annie” eyes, was a stand-up character. Being such, he symbolizes something wealthy and lucky. However, he also expressed a yearning for a simple life, even at the cost of his social-climbing wife to harass him.

The strip presented multiple perceptions of Irish Catholic ethics during the early 20th century. Through the character of Jiggs, McManus gives voice to their aspirations and anxieties. Several interpretations of the work of McManus usually highlight hard problems of class and ethnicity. Such issues are the conflicts over assimilation and social mobility that second and third-generation immigrants typically face.

McManus also took a middle position. This helped the ethnic readers in becoming accepted in American society without losing their identities. The cross-country tour, which the characters made in September of 1939 and 1940, provided the strip with a big promotional boost. Moreover, it raised its profile in every city they visited.

Usually, cartoon tattoos are always colorful and bright, and that’s why they are eye-catching for humans. At the same time, each character from cartoons has its unique history. He or she possesses various traits, representing nature and the inner world of the person that wears the tattoo. That is why cartoon tattoos have such special meanings for people.

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