King Tut Tattoo Design: Egyptian Artwork In The Tattoo World

King Tut Tattoo Design: Egyptian Artwork In The Tattoo World

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King Tut

The artwork of the Egyptians is classic, historical, and truly marvelous. A lot of people are getting Egyptian tattoos to show their roots to the Egyptian culture and Africa, as well as their classic beauty. People are attached to Egyptian tattoos because of their love for the incredibly intricate and historically ancient artwork that comes with them. Moreover, Egyptian artwork also carries a mysterious, almost immortal aura with it. One of those designs is King Tut-related artwork.

  • About King Tut

King Tut, also known as King Tutankhamun, is considered the most iconic Pharaoh in our known history. Whenever you look at you an image of a pharaoh, you are mostly looking at King Tut. The most recognizable and most famous headdress and Pharaoh’s mask is that of  Tut. Sometimes people say that they want to get a pharaoh tattoo. They are most likely talking about getting a tattoo of King Tutankhamun. This Pharaoh holds a lot more symbolism than any other, and if you get a tattoo of him, you will not regret it. King Tut is part of movies, books, comics, and stories all over the world, and your tattoo of him will attract attention. There are a few things to have in mind if you consider getting a tattoo of King Tut.King Tut

  • Meaning of King Tut tattoos

The most important thing is the meaning of the King Tut tattoo. The definition can be taken from the traditional sense of what the tattoo is portraying or what the tattoo means to you. The King was a handsome looking boy who was the most famous King in all of Egypt. In this sense, you can represent your good looks or your fame if you get this tattoo.

The tattoo of King tut also represents elite royalty, pleasure-seeking personality, and strength. If you come from a royal bloodline but not from Egypt, this could be a unique way of showing it. People who see it will be captivated by the power that is revealed in King Tut’s portrait and the strength of the family-owned.

Being of color yet having so much energy and control is something to value by some. This is why they will choose to get this tattoo. Some people get this tattoo to show their family lineage that is tied to Egyptian culture. It’s not important your reason for getting your King Tutankhamun tattoo; what it means to you is crucial. In that situation, you can be sure that you and everyone who sees it will love your King Tut tattoo.

  • King Tut tattoo designs

When it comes to choosing that perfect King Tut tattoo, there are many designs you can choose from. For instance, you can get the tattoo with just King Tutankhamun, or you can add some scenery with the tattoo. Your tattoo can be done in black and white or with color. Often, people will choose to get a King Tut tattoo as just a portrait of the iconic Pharaoh. In this way, the focus of the tattoo, King Tut, shines fully. If you decide to get simply King Tut’s portrait or his famous headdress as a tattoo, there will be no questions about the meaning.

Suppose you want a larger piece that is even more perfect. The King Tut tattoo can include background and filler such as a pyramid, sphinx, scarab, or other Egyptian symbolism. This tattoo can be inked as a half or full sleeve. This also gives some additional dimensions to the tattoo.

Besides the design, another important thing is the choice between full color or black and gray. Numerous great King Tut tattoos have been tattooed as a full back piece in full color. However, black and gray Tutankhamun tattoos are more common as they look good on all skin tones.

  • Placement of King Tut tattoos

When it comes to the placement, this tattoo is considered as tattooist’s dream. This is because you can get this tattoo wherever you want it and still keep the impressive look. Usually, this tattoo is inked as a shoulder or bicep piece, but it has been seen everywhere from the forearm to the calf. If you wish for your Tut tattoo to stand out when you are at the beach in your swimsuit, you should get it somewhere that isn’t hidden by clothing. However, if you want a more discreet tattoo, then you can place it on your feet or anywhere where it can be hidden. As previously said, your King Tut tattoo will look dazzling anywhere you place it. Just remember that if you want to combine it with other items, like a pyramid or scenery, that you leave yourself enough room for these options.

The tattoo of King Tut tattoo is a classic, beautiful, and iconic tattoo that will impress anyone who sees it. As previously said, there are lots of options when it comes to color, size, placement, and style. The essential move you need to do is find what’s best for you and do your research to reference other styles. There are lots of ideas online that you can use when consulting your favorite tattoo artist about your new Tut tattoo. Keep in mind to get something that is meaningful, and you will certainly love your new artwork.

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