Pig And Rooster Tattoo: Sailors Good Luck And Protection

Pig And Rooster Tattoo: Sailors Good Luck And Protection

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Pig And Rooster

Through all the years of sailing, there have been a lot of different images that have important meaning for those that worked as a sailor. Most of these images were highly symbolic of different ideas that a sailor might have, and, in many cases, these symbols were used as good luck charms while sailors were out on the seas. There are so many varieties of sailor tattoos. There are things like swallows, ships, anchors, and lighthouses, but the image of a pig and a rooster is a different and unique tattoo from this genre.

The pig and rooster tattoo is highly significant for those that ride the seas and oceans for a living. For the sailor, these tattoo designs are images that will protect them while out at sea. No matter whether they are used to provide good luck or to remind them of something, these tattoos are influential and clear messages and have been around since forever.

Sailor Jerry is known as the first person who started tattooing them. His style of designing and tattooing in American traditional for the sailors became just as popular as the images he tattooed.

Pig and Rooster Tattoo Meaning

One very popular image among sailors was the pig and rooster tattoo. Having these animals in mind, you probably think that they have nothing in common with the sea, and you would be right. This is the reason why they are tattooed. This tattoo was to keep a sailor from drowning, and there are two popular explanations as to why these images received this meaning.

The first explanation or the source of the idea to get this design as a sailor tattoo was because neither of these animals can swim. In the case of a shipwreck, it was believed that the pig and rooster would either return to shore or be noted by God as not belonging in the water, and he would pick up these animals, and whatever was attached to them and put them on dry land.

The other explanation or source of the ideas is said to revolve around how these ships transport the roosters and pigs on their ships in wooden crates. It seems that pigs and roosters had a tendency of surviving during a shipwreck, and because of this, the sailors decided to get their images tattooed mostly on the feet, to grant them luck at sea.

Because of these explanations, we are aware that the pig and rooster tattoo is used as a symbol of good luck on the ocean and symbol to protect a sailor from drowning. Many people get this tattoo to show respect for the sailors from the past or because it looks cool.

Pig and Rooster Tattoo Variations

Traditional Pig and Rooster Tattoo

The most common version of the pig and rooster tattoo is the traditional one. In his works, Sailor Jerry used the traditional American style, and this is the direction that all artists go with in order to get this tattoo done because it makes sense and logic to get this done in the style it started in.

Realism Pig and Rooster Tattoo

Sometimes, people love to get creative in the process of creating their design. This is a great thing to do since the tattoo is a method of self-expression. This means that just because things have been done in a certain way for a very long time doesn’t strictly mean you have to follow that strictly. In the case when it is done properly, the realism tattoo can attract attention and put you in awe of the work. This is another method of tattooing that would look great with the pig and rooster tattoo.

Sink or Swim Pig and Rooster Tattoo

Sometimes the phrase, “sink or swim” is written somewhere around the pig and rooster tattoo to emphasize the idea. The person who has this written into the tattoo might also be referring to life in general. This means that you can either sink or swim, and it is up to you what you will decide to do. However, the rooster and pig don’t like to swim or drown, so will suppose this represents your will to push through tough difficulties in life.

The symbolism and meaning behind your pig and rooster design depend only on your wishes, just like with any other design. No one can decide what your tattoo is going to mean to you since you are the one that got it, and it is vital for you in a specific way. After you decide on the design of the pig and rooster tattoo, you need to find a tattoo artist who is going to make your vision come true and help you in the whole process as much as you need.

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