Mountain Tattoo: Meanings, Symbolism And Designs

Mountain Tattoo: Meanings, Symbolism And Designs

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Mountain Nature

There is no single person on our planet who doesn’t think that any mountain is a beautiful part of nature and our connection to the great outdoors. Due to that, it’s no surprise at all that plenty of people decide to get mountain tattoos. These tattoos not only look great on the skin but also have some pretty great meanings attached to them that you can choose.

Meanings of Mountain tattoos

This is a kind of tattoo that represents the adventurous side of people, which is the main reason why people choose to get it in the first place. People who see this tattoo will immediately recognize that the person wearing the tattoo is not an indoor type. If you considered yourself as this kind of person, then you might find that the mountain tattoo represents you as a person or can be a motivational tool for you to be more adventurous.Mountain Nature

Additionally, mountain tattoos can symbolize a life’s journey, from birth to death. It’s one of the best images to get if you want to tell others that you distinguish your life’s peaks and valleys, and you are working to reach more of those peaks. Anyone can use this meaning, and that’s truly a great thing. In other words, anyone can get a mountain tattoo and know that it will always mean something significant to them. The design of these types of mountain tattoos has a flamboyant look, so people don’t mistake them for simple “nature” tattoos.

The fact that there is some mystery related to mountains is the reason why these tattoos can be used as a symbol of mysteriousness. This is significant meaning for your tattoo because you’re revealing to people that even though, from a distance, you look like an average person, once they get to know you, they will realize that there is more then it meets the eye. You can decide to include fog or mist in the designs to make the meaning a bit clearer.

Most of the mountains are immense and scary. This is why they also symbolize strength. Mountains exist much longer than humans and most other species, and they have overcome so many crazy natural events, so they might genuinely be one of the best representatives of strength that we have. This is related to both of the primary meanings for strength – physical and emotional – so they are perfect for the majority of people.

Mountain tattoo designs

The second most important thing after you decide what meaning you are going to use is the look of the mountain tattoo that you are going to choose. Even though this is an enjoyable process, it can be frustrating at the same time since there are so many distinctive possibilities for you to choose. Below are some of the most popular designs of mountain tattoos.

The best design for people who are interested in detailed tattoos or want to get the mountain they’ve visited tattooed on the body is the realist mountain tattoo. These kinds of mountain tattoos are often quite large and expensive.

Another popular, highly detailed mountain tattoo design that you might decide to get is the one that includes the mountains in the background and more nature images (trees, water, etc.) in the foreground. This is a perfect nature tattoo design for anyone who wants to make their tattoos look like paintings on their skin.

If these previous designs are not the one for you because you are more interested in simpler designs, you are free to choose a silhouette look for your mountain. These designs are not only cheaper than those with a lot of detail and color, but they are also quite popular these days. Moreover, you can place them almost anywhere on the body.

After you choose the mountain tattoo design that fits all your needs, the next important thing you should have in mind is the perfect spot to get it on the skin. You should probably decide where you want to place your mountain tattoo long before you begin working on the design so you can be sure that it fits well in that area. Even if you think that your mountain tattoo will look great on your bicep, in the end, you might realize that you want an entire landscape design that is going to look amazing on your back.

With all being said, it is obvious that there are plenty of great design choices when it comes to mountain tattoos, and just as many great meanings. The crucial part is to know for sure that the meaning(s) you choose truly correspond to your personality and that the design truly fit where you want to get it. If you check all of those boxes, there’s a great chance that you will always love your mountain tattoo because it looks incredible, and it means a lot to you.

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