The “Bad at Heart” and “Bagpipe” Tattoos: What is Their Meaning?

The “Bad at Heart” and “Bagpipe” Tattoos: What is Their Meaning?

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Tattoos are a unique form of expression, and the way they are viewed has changed over time. They used to be a sign that you are in a gang. Sometimes they are a sign that you are a slave or an inmate. But, in today’s society, that view became more of expression and art.

Tattoos are not a waste of money or seen as tacky. Tattoos are something with which you can say anything that you want. They can be simple, as well as sweet, or they can also have some hidden meaning behind it. The best thing about life is able to live life and experience different things, so you are free to choose what you want.

Here, we will present you two tattoos, each of which has its meaning and symbolism.

  1. The “BAD AT HEART

Like this one, some tattoo symbols can almost be read in a literal sense of the word “read.” In this tattoo, the word “bad” combined with a red heart represents “Bad at Heart.”

This is a tattoo which, besides the fact that it is oddly enough, is still an attractive one, and it is often used.

  1. The “BAGPIPE” tattoo.

As we all know, the bagpipe is a wind instrument that has at least two pipes which are blown using a bladder, traditionally on animal skin, which is full of air that is pumped under the arm. Melodies, as well as accompaniment, usually described as droning, are played via finger holes on the pipes.

There is some evidence that these instruments were well known in parts of the world as early as 100 B.C.E. They have been used from Britain to Russia throughout the Aegean and even into North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Nowadays, the pipes are connected primarily with the country of Scotland and are usually depicted with a tartan plaid textile bag. However, in Scotland, pipes are not only used as a musical form of entertainment. In the Highlands, bagpipes also accompanied the drum in military use on the battlefield from the eighteenth century. Even nowadays, Scottish military regiments will parade with the bagpipe playing.

Even though a tattoo of bagpipe might be the choice of people that can play the instrument, it is also a more general symbol of Scotland as the harp is for Ireland.

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