Triforce Tattoo Design: Meanings, Ideas And Symbolism

Triforce Tattoo Design: Meanings, Ideas And Symbolism

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The Triforce tattoos are immediately recognized and loved by all people who had played video games for the last few decades. These simple but very interesting designs bring back good memories to all who have played the Zelda games over the years. Sometimes they love them because they remind them of their childhoods, while others find that the meanings attached to the symbol are a perfect choice for them.

For the majority of people, the symbol holds powerful meanings for them, and that is why the triforce tattoo is so favored by people who have played the games.

Triforce Tattoo Meanings

The Golden Goddesses are represented by the Triforce symbol, and they are the three fairies that serve as a form of the creator. The three triangles of the triforce icon stand for the three goddesses and their incredible power.

Most often, people decide to get their triforce tattoos because they want to demonstrate to the world that Zelda had a big impact on their lives. In other words, this means that they probably spent a lot of time playing the games when they were kids, and the memories are all great or playing the game helped them overcome some difficult times in life.

The symbol represents power, courage, and wisdom possessed by ancient beings. This is a perfect tattoo for people born with these three traits, and you also happen to love Zelda. Of course, you can also get this tattoo if you aspire to have these three traits.

Of all three meanings, courage appears to be the main one that people like to connect to their triforce tattoos. The triforce tattoo can show that you strive to do great things no matter whether you are a brave person or you want to have the courage to go for what you want in life.

In the video game, after you collect all three triforces, the symbol often appears on the hand of the collector, offering only the worthy and honorable a wish. In this way, the tattoo is recognized as a unique good luck charm. When people decide to get the tattoo for this meaning, they will usually place the tattoo in a visible location so they can look at for good luck.

The fact that you can easily separate the triforce into three segments is why it can be used as a friendship tattoo between a number of people. Each person would receive a different segment, and after the three images are united, they create the triforce, much like the main concept in the video game. There are a lot of friendship tattoos, but this is a unique one and perfect for friends people who happen to love the Zelda video game series.

Triforce Tattoo Designs and Placement

Triforce tattoos allow people to be creative; however, there are also simple designs for people who prefer classical ones. Everything depends on personal preferences and whether or not you wish to combine any other elements into the design.

Even though in the original design, gold or a bold black is most often used, the triforce can be colored in different ways. Each of the three pieces of the triangle, which, when brought together forms a fourth triangle shape in the center, can be filled separately, representing the separate facets. You can choose a different color for each triangle, which is a good idea if you wish to make a more meaningful design since the colors themselves will hold their meanings. If you like the look of black tattoos or black and grey tattoos, you could leave the color out completely.

If you wish to honor the very first appearance of the triforce in the Zelda games, the symbol can be done in an “8-bit” style. This is a good way to make it clear that the symbol is from your favorite video game. It also reveals to the people that you love old-school video games in general, and Zelda is only one of your favorite.Triforce

You can often see characters and landscapes from the Zelda universe included in these tattoo designs. There are cases when the triforce is the key element of these designs, while sometimes it is designed to mix in with everything else in the tattoo.

The design is most often tattooed onto the hand, tiny or large, as a symbol of the triforce fable in the Zelda series. This is where characters in Zelda have the design, and people getting the tattoo are showing that they feel they have the powers delivered by the triforce.

Because most triforce tattoos are smaller, they work very well as forearm tattoos and as calf tattoos. The key part is deciding about the meanings you want to attach to the design and how you want the design of the tattoo to look before you decide where to place it.


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