Umbrella Tattoo Design: Different Variations And Meanings

Umbrella Tattoo Design: Different Variations And Meanings

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Umbrella Tattoo

Umbrella tattoos are special tattoos that give people a unique shape to ink on their bodies. However, the more important thing is that they bring with them meanings that work for plenty of people. Some people love them because of their cute look in tattoo form. Others love the symbolism that the umbrella image brings with it.Umbrella Tattoo

  • Why get an umbrella tattoo?

The most crucial reason why umbrella tattoos are that popular is that there are thousands of different designs. With this tattoo, there are no restrictions when it comes to the color. However, you should know that the choice of color influences the meaning of the tattoo. You can even add in patterns to make this design even more eye-catching. You can twist your umbrella design however you want to, making it your own in the process.

  • Umbrella Tattoo Meanings

The most important meaning of the umbrella tattoos is protection. This comes from the fact that umbrellas protect us from rain, snow, and other natural elements. This tattoo meaning is perfect when people want protection from the things that will throw their lives off the path. This tattoo motif serves as a reminder to lose focus on what’s chief in one’s life -a happier existence.

Umbrella tattoos can also symbolize someone’s pride in being the protector for their family and friends. Some people take a lot of pride in providing full-time safety for everyone around them. In this sense, the umbrella is a unique way to show one’s pride in that fact. More importantly, you don’t need to twist the umbrella design at all to use this meaning. However, some people decide to add in other “protection” symbols to make the meaning clearer.

Travel is another meaning that people use with umbrella tattoos. This is because some people take their umbrellas with them no matter where they go. Moreover, in a lot of books, the umbrella is a way to fly around. To make the meaning clearer, you can get the art design in a way like it’s moving on your skin. This is achievable with the wind in the image or by shading it a certain way.

Another interesting and exciting meaning of these tattoos is magic. Magicians, both in the past and now, use umbrellas in a number of ways during their performances. People who use this meaning sometimes add stars onto their umbrellas to make the meaning clearer.

The umbrella tattoo can also be a symbol of wealth. This is because it is common to see those from the upper class holding umbrellas regardless of the weather outside. Moreover, in the past, umbrellas were a form of luxury.

  • Umbrella Tattoo Designs

In most designs, people add rain, snow, clouds, or a combination of these into their umbrella tattoo. Alone, these elements don’t bring too much meaning, but they improve the “protection” meaning. You can also easily make your umbrella more eye-catching with one or more of these elements added to it.

Your umbrella tattoo can include only the umbrella, but many people decide to incorporate other symbols in their designs. This depends on the person getting the tattoo since the symbols will provide more information about the owner. For instance, you can insert small symbols like hearts or other shapes in the design. You can even take it further by incorporating a character holding the umbrella. Just make sure that the symbols or images you include are meaningful and work for you and your personality.

The umbrella can be the centerpiece in your design or attach meaning to a larger piece. If you wish to get just one tattoo to define who you are, you can include the umbrella. This might turn into an abstract design with a bunch of images that don’t essentially go together. However, it can work well when blended uniquely.

Another thing that is great about these tattoos is that they can fit anywhere on the body. You can get one going straight down your arm or an umbrella tattoo down the side of your ankle. If it is the most significant tattoo for you, you can widen it to work as a back tattoo. Apart from the size you choose, you will be able to use the same extraordinary meanings.

No matter what kind of umbrella tattoo you get, you should work with a professional tattoo artist. The tattoo artist might be able to assist you in creating the perfect design. Umbrellas typically have different line work than most other objects that artists draw. So you will want someone happy to work with those lines. You will want the tattoo to look as good as possible on your skin and attract a lot of attention. Still, this is a versatile design that can be modified in many styles, and it will hold strong meanings and symbolism.


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