Wedding Ring Tattoo: The Symbol Of A Covenant Between Two People

Wedding Ring Tattoo: The Symbol Of A Covenant Between Two People

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Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that’s desired by many. These tattoos provide a great way of expressing one’s feelings towards another. This unique ring is a symbol of love and commitment between two people. Wearing a wedding ring tattoo offers a unique way of declaring love and commitment to your soulmate.

The custom of trading wedding rings keeps on being used all around the world. It’s a single unique way of communicating with adoration and promise to one another. Choosing a permanent wedding ring tattoo is such a neat way of keeping the memories alive. The wedding ring tattoo design ideas below look stunning on the wearer and fit beautifully on the hand.

Nowadays, many couples are avoiding tradition and getting tattooed on their fingers instead, using the moment to celebrate their wedding days differently. These are some of the many designs being tattooed on the ring finger:

The Infinity Ring

Some couple decides to have the infinity symbol inked on their fingers to personify a love that will pass the test of time forever. These bands look like the figure-eight wrapping around the ring finger and can also be transformed by adding special personal touches down the finger-like the date the couple met the date and time they were married or the first name of their partner.

The Lock and Key

In this design, the girl will get a tattoo of a heart-shaped lock on her finger, where the boy will get the key that unlocks that lock. These particular wedding ring tattoos represent that one person holds the only key to the other person’s heart, and these two are not indeed one until they are hand-in-hand together.

Mr. & Mrs. Ink

We can be sure about it, when you see the word “Mrs.” tattooed on her finger, you know she is married. A fun fact on the traditional wedding ring is merely using these words to show the world you are taken. The words can be tattooed in place of the wedding band or down the side of the finger.

The Wedding Song

Are you looking for the perfect wedding ring tattoos? One that will undoubtedly connect with both parties and remind them of their wedding tune is to have the first notes of that song tattooed around the wedding finger. The chorus or first few letters of the music theme are places on the music graph in their exact order, something intimate and memorable at the same time.

The Traditional Band

Perhaps you prefer to fight the tradition but still want to create an ink design that symbolizes love and devotion. Instead of slipping on that band of gold each day, getting inked with a wedding band proves that the two are committed for the rest of their lives.

These are constant reminders to the world that these two are in love forever and can be designed as simplistic or elaborate as the imagination can dream.Wedding Ring

As you can see, if a couple shares a common like, it can be designed and tattooed on their fingers in place of the traditional wedding bands and symbolize their eternal love for one another. From the simple circle of ink to original wedding phrases, if it touches the heart, it works as wedding ring tattoos.

Advantages of ring tattoos

The exchange of wedding rings is a common practice that dates back to the ancient Egyptian era. This practice symbolizes love and commitment. There are very many metals that include gold and diamond and which you can choose for your wedding, but they are widespread as nearly every person goes for them.

Advantages of the wedding ring tattoo over a traditional ring include:

  • The motifs are permanent, and therefore, you will cherish it together with your partner.
  • The conventional rings may be too expensive.
  • The tattoos are usually unique, and any person, including those that are metal allergic, can have the tattoo rings.

It is best if both the groom and the bride go for a similar design when selecting the ring tattoo design. Some of the tattoo designs that you can get include the knot design and the tribal wedding band design. The models are trendy due to their outstanding beauty.

Customized ring tattoos

You can reveal the unlikeness of your ring tattoo design in many ways. Some of the procedures that you can use to achieve this include: You can have your name, and that of your partner tattooed on your finger as the wedding tattoo. However, if your partner’s name is a bit long, this can be tough, although the artist can alter the lettering and the styles to fit on your finger easily.

It is better if you have only the initials inked as detailing can cause distortions in the future. Other people choose to have their partner’s pet names inked on the finger, which is a better alternative in case the partner has a long name.

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